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The Original All Steel Carriage House Garage Door

The Original STEELHOUSE Door is an innovative “Modern Carriage Door“, manufactured entirely of steel.

The Original STEELHOUSE™ garage doors have two-sided steel insulated facing boards that are textured, roll formed and laminated to steel backers and then mechanically fastened and bonded to a 23 gauge steel section. Four-inch wide, two-sided steel insulated boards are bonded with epoxy cement and mechanically fastened to ensure positive attachment to the face of the door. All Original STEELHOUSE Doors come standard with CFC-free polystyrene insulation.

A “Reinforced Integral Truss System” (RITS™) gives the Original STEELHOUSE doors strength and rigidity that is unmatched by similar products. In addition to their distinctive style and curb appeal, the Original STEELHOUSE patented doors are half the weight and cost of wooden doors. Virtually maintenance-free, the Original STEELHOUSE doors will not warp, crack, or split. Quite simply, it doesn’t get better than that.

From a base of nine models and over 15 designer top sections, Original STEELHOUSE Doors offer more than 200 unique configurations to ensure diversity from one home to the next and from one subdivision to the next. Homeowners, builders, architects and municipalities alike, are using Original STEELHOUSE Doors to bring a fresh, handsome appearance to neighborhoods across the country.

The Original STEELHOUSE Door combines rich traditional styling with three key benefits not found in wooden doors: half the weight, half the cost, and half the maintenance. True to Carriage House style, these doors can be detailed with classically finished handles, pulls, hinge straps, and windows.

Download the Steelhouse Brochure & Specifications here!

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Overhead Door – Wayne-Dalton Deal Approved by Regulators

Wayne-Dalton Corp. was officially purchased for more than $14 million by the Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp. and its parent company, Sanwa Holdings Corporation in Tokyo. The change in ownership will not mean any current changes in the products produced, the location of the factory or the number of employees working for Wayne Dalton.

Overhead Door announced Sept. 2 that it had reached an agreement with Wayne-Dalton to purchase the company. The deal was approved by regulators Dec. 7.

According to information from the Holmes County Auditor’s office, the facilities, property and holdings of Wayne Dalton sold for $14.3 million. Under the agreement, Wayne-Dalton will remain a separate brand and the facility in Mount Hope will continue operating.

Overhead Door began selling garage doors in 1921 and sold the first electric door opener in 1926. The company has 19 manufacturing facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its parent company, Sanwa Holdings, was established in 1956 as a shutter manufacturer.

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Overhead Door completes Wayne-Dalton buy

Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp. has completed its purchase of the door and storm-panel operations of Wayne-Dalton Corp., based in southern Ohio. Here we go folks!

The deal creates the largest maker and distributor of residential and commercial overhead doors in North America, with a combined 3,800 employees, 24 manufacturing facilities, 79 regional distribution centers and 2008 revenue of about $1 billion. For now. We’ll see how long it lasts until they start laying off people and closing facilities due to overlap.

Overhead Door, said in a statement the acquisition would enhance the company’s position within the residential and commercial door market and help ensure long-term growth. It also will allow both groups to continue to focus on product innovations that will generate better and feature-rich products for the marketplace. Unlikely.

As part of the integration, the brand identities, product lines and distribution channels of both Overhead Door and Wayne-Dalton will be preserved. We’ll see if that happens. It’s been attempted before and never lasted. Turned out to be a fiasco.

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Overhead Door Corporation Reaches Agreement in Principle to Acquire Wayne-Dalton Corp.’s Door Business

Overhead Door Corporation and Wayne-Dalton Corption jointly announced yesterday that they have reached a tentative, non-binding agreement in principle, pursuant to which Overhead Door Corporation would acquire Wayne-Dalton Corp.’s overhead garage door business in North America and Europe.

Under the terms of the tentative agreement, Overhead Door Corporation would acquire substantially all of the assets of Wayne-Dalton Corp.’s commercial and residential overhead door business, as well as their Fabric-Shield storm panel business in a cash transaction. Wayne-Dalton Corp. would retain its garage door opener and wireless home access control businesses and will continue to manufacture, market and sell products of those businesses. The tentative agreement in principle contemplates that Overhead Door Corporation will continue to promote and make available Wayne-Dalton Corp. openers and wireless home access products to Wayne-Dalton Corp.’s current customers. The combined company would create North America’s premier manufacturer and marketer of overhead doors and openers.

The transaction is subject to the negotiation and execution of a definitive agreement and to customary closing conditions, including regulatory and other approvals.

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Garage Door Manufacturing Giants to Merge?

There’s lots of speculation out there about the merger of Wayne-Dalton and Overhead Door Corp. It appears that both are keeping pretty quiet on this inevitable deal as per the Professional Door Dealer Magazine’s blog. The buyout or merger, whatever you want to call it, of two of the largest garage door manufacturers is an interesting proposition that would give the new entity a strong position in the industry.

But it is all speculation at this point in time. 

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