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The Garage Door Remote: Serious Business!

When installing an automatic garage door opener, you will find they come equipped with a garage door remote to allow the door to be operated from inside the vehicle, the home or any other location within range of the remote control. Unlike the remote which operates numerous appliances in the house like your television set, the garage door remote does not operate on infrared, which needs a direct line of sight for the signal from the remote to access the controller.

Since the garage door remote doesn’t have to see the opener to operate it will send the signal through walls and doors and, based on the quality of the opener, over distances as far as 150 to 200-feet. This allows a person operating a vehicle to open the door from the end of their driveway so the door is open before their vehicle reaches the garage door. They can also utilize the garage door remote to close the door once inside, prior to exiting the vehicle, to remain protected from the elements and other risks which may be present.

When building garage, you can also consider installing garage door rollers in your garage door. Choose the right remote to open the garage door automatically. Each garage door remote operates on a frequency specific to the opener installed on their garage door and rarely will there be two on the same frequency within a community. While there are only a particular number of frequencies available for garage door openers, the odds of two openers operating on the same frequency in the same neighborhood are remote.

Sometimes, it could be necessary to replace the garage door remote that came with the new opener. Contacting the factory that made the opener and providing the model and serial number can commonly be enough to order a new one. Nevertheless, since it can take several days to have one shipped, several home improvements shops sell programmable remote controls which will probably work on most door openers.

These devices can be programmed quickly by following some simple instructions to replace an old one that no longer functions. Additionally, there are times during garage door repair projects that the remote will no longer function with a new opener and by programming a new universal garage door remote can have the homeowner back in business within a few minutes.

For most homeowners losing their garage door remote is as serious as losing the remote for their television. When a person installs an automatic garage door opener with a remote this is nearly impossible to live without one.

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Troubleshooting a Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Believe it or not, technologies like garage door opener remote controls are supposed to make our lives easier. Unfortunately,  there is nothing easy about having to open a garage door by hand in the middle of a freezing winter night because the remote for the opener won’t work. As technologies become more complex, there are more and more ways in which they can break down. Scan the list of problems below to find one that sounds familiar, then read the quick fix underneath it. Hopefully, it will help correct the error within the remote so that the garage will open and close without any issues.

The Garage Door Opener Remote Only Works Up Close

There are quite a few things that could cause this to happen. First, check the batteries within the remote itself to be sure they still carry a charge powerful enough to operate the remote. While replacing the batteries, be sure to clean the electrical contacts, since this may be another cause of a weak signal from the remote. If the remote is still only working up close it may be time to go talk to the neighbors. If a button is stuck on a neighbor’s remote, the signal can cause an interference that may shorten the range of other radio frequency based devices in the area. Houses within the proximity of military bases will have this same problem and it is recommended that people in this situation switch to remotes that operate below 390 megahertz to fix the problem.

The Garage Door Remote Won’t Work but the Wall Switch Does

Check the batteries and electrical connections in the remote to make sure they are working correctly. If they are working correctly, the problem might be because of the safety sensors. Some garage doors have infrared sensors that shoot an invisible beam across the door. If one of these beams is misaligned, blocked or the lenses are dirty, then, as a safety feature, the opener will not allow the door to close unless the wall switch is held down. Clean the beam lenses, and make sure they are aligned and unobstructed. If this fails to fix the problem, unplug the door opener and then plug it back in. This will often reset the safety systems of the unit.

Remote Only Works in Cold or Warm Weather

If there are problems with the remote that seem to occur only when the weather is either cold or warm, the problem probably has to do with the infrared safety sensors that run along the bottom of the door. Next time it happens, try going inside the garage and holding down the wall switch to override the safety. If the door works when this is done, then it is indeed the sensors that need to be realigned. What happens when the weather turns, is that the steel which houses the sensors either expands or contracts which, in turn, will distort the path of the sensor beam. If the beam was slightly misaligned in the first place, then the slight change in the temperature of the metal will force the safety to kick in. Also, in cold climates with heated garages, the lens on the sensors can be clouded by either fogging or frosting. Clean the lenses and realign the sensors to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work try rebooting the unit by unplugging the opener and then plugging it back in.

The Batteries in the Remote are Brand New and the Door Still Won’t Open

If the remote is set to the correct frequency, then this may not be a remote problem, but rather a problem with the garage opener itself. Check to make sure that the opener is plugged in and that no fuses are blown or circuit breakers tripped. If the power seems to be working properly, there may be an internal problem with the opener’s mechanisms. If this is the case, the unit will need to be taken in for service.

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This is the Hottest New Product of the Year!

This motorcycle garage door opener is the HOTTEST product of the year!

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Mystery of the Garage Door Remotes

With technology bringing us so much at the click of a button, we’ve gotten used to convenience at our finger tips.

However, there could be problems caused from all the advances.

In a west Omaha neighborhood, a strange occurrence happened Saturday around noon. “Saturday my kids were getting things out of the garage, and my son came in and said the garage door didn’t work,” said Patti Donscheski. “When I went out to take a look at it, it looked like there was power coming to everything, but nothing would work.”

A few blocks away, two more residents near 168th and Harrison had similar experiences.

“Same thing, Saturday our garage door just wouldn’t open up,” said Christie Bechler. “One of our remotes worked, the others did not.”

The garage door problems appear to be more than coincidence. Experts say anything that emits a strong signal can affect the way our garage door works. Anything from cable television, to computer routers, and even Offutt Air Force Base conducting tests, can interfere with the frequency on which garage door operators wrok.

Every time you have something running through a power line, it does emit a little bit of sound or noise, sometimes that can be high enough to interfere with the frequency that the garage door is on. Garage doors are operated on two separate frequencies, 390 and 315. The only answer for those with issues may be to install a black box that receives both frequencies.

Still, it’s unclear exactly what caused the outage in the west Omaha neighborhood. “It’s pretty odd, makes me want to start calling my neighbors, because you don’t normally just bring it up in conversation,” said Donscheski.

“Now hearing about the neighbors it really makes me wonder, I guess I just never would have guessed it would be something so complicated,” said Bechler.

The outage may be a nuisance, but the women say it could be worse. “As long as it doesn’t affect my husband’s remote control, we’ll be alright,” said Donscheski.

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