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Garage Doors – Worth the Investment

Garage doors can be a benefit to your home and they have the ability to enhance the style of your Residence.

With marketplace conditions in their present state, with people losing their properties, it is extremely hard to possess a clear vision of what we should look forward to in the future. In real estate, however, there is a saying, ‘what goes down should come back up’, and for this kind of business, those who are ready for the turn will capitalize substantially.

When remodeling entry doorways and or kitchen counter tops, people don’t seem to have a problem searching for the best, for this, as they know, will only add to their property value. Imagine, for example, a $400-$8,000 investment that has a custom made garage door covering more than 30% of the front of your residence.

In case you would like to go the extra mile and decide to invest $1000 or even $3000 more for a custom, handcrafted garage door, what comes to mind is the added worth that this modest investment will bring to your gorgeous household.

From an investor’s perspective, it appears a little juvenile – not to look at the first item individuals see when they drive up to your residence when they are considering a purchase. Just research what the professionals are saying about the relationship between home values and their curb appeal.

Some authorities say the garage door may not be the very first item you imagine dressing up when you’re putting your home up for sale, but it is certainly worth giving it some prerogative. If you genuinely think about it, the garage door could be the single largest moving object in a residence and if it faces the street, you know it plays a huge part in the overall look of your house. It is incredibly important to understand that curb appeal can be a critical factor in marketing a home. If a prospective buyer does not like the view of your house from your street, chances are, he or she won’t waste time coming inside, and that may be one thing you, as a seller, shouldn’t ask for.

In a new study field, realtors nationwide were asked to figure out if garage door visual appeal made a difference in the selling price they would assign to a house, nearly all of the agents interviewed agreed that a brand new garage door enhances curb attractiveness and 75 percent believes it adds importance to a residence. In reality, most have recommended that a homeowner replace their garage door when listing their home for sale, especially if the present look of the garage door was broken, in bad condition or rotted. Just about half stated visual appeal was a big reason, mainly because the age or design garage door detracted from the home’s curb appeal.

The regular selling price for a brand new garage door is based on the size of the garage door as well as the material it is made from. The most favorite look in garage doors is the ‘carriage-house’ model door. The doors look like old-fashioned swing-out doors but act like modern roll-up doors with an electric garage door opener. The selections for style, color and materials are virtually endless.

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It’s a fresh take on outdoor living!

Far and away, one of the hottest new products to hit the garage door industry is the Breezy Living Screen Garage Door. The product features a unique sliding pass door that lets people enter or leave the garage without opening the entire door. The door avoids the high cost of electric retractable doors and eliminates the problems of the floor track on sliding doors.

The Breezy Living Screen Solutions system is an easy-to-use, affordable and fully retractable screen unit that provides comfortable outdoor living space. Working seamlessly with the operation of your existing garage door, the system uses a vertical and horizontal track system mounted directly inside the existing door, leaving the floor track-free. This means no dirt and debris build-up will affect its operation. A “door-within-a-door” system, Breezy Living Screen Solutions is one of the most innovative and unique screen systems for garages and offers an exit door without the need to retract the entire screen. Plus, the door should be acceptable to many Home Owner Associations.

Built using high-quality components made in the USA, the Breezy Living Screen Solutions system easily installs in approximately one to two hours and brings the outdoors in, creating a comfortable space. It can also be used in conjunction with most commercial-type doors for workplace applications. It’s a revolutionary system that makes a practical and enjoyable addition to any home or business.

It’s a fresh take on outdoor living!

For more information, inquire here

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The Biggest Impact on a Home

For something that has been so prominent in the design of new homes over recent years, the garage door has generally been seen as a Plain Jane.

But who cared, really? It was just a two-, three- or four-car structure to house the occupants’ vehicles. No one expected anything so utilitarian in nature to be a thing of beauty. But that has been steadily changed due to an amazing trend that started to gain traction in the garage door industry. That trend? Curb appeal.

It’s a phrase the garage-door industry has been using for a while. In the door industry, people like to refer to the garage door as the largest moving object in the home. In today’s home, it’s become the focal point. As the home shrinks, the garage door becomes more prevalent, particularly when it faces the street. The garage door makes up from 50 percent to 80 percent of a home’s front elevation. Viewed from the street, that’s a big part of the home.

Homeowners haven’t traditionally spent much money on the garage door, despite its prominence or its 25- to 30-year lifespan. Homeowners are realizing that a handsome garage door has a huge impact on a home’s salability thereby increasing home values and beautify neighborhoods.

That means builders also face a choice: Either install a garage door that meets neighborhood standards, move the garage to a side entry, or put it in the back, where it won’t be readily visible from the street. Like great front-yard landscaping, a good garage door design, like a carriage house style door, enriches the appearance of the home and generates tremendous value. If all homes on the block have them, the entire street and neighborhood become more valuable.

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Garage doors aren’t boring anymore: They’re part of an integrated home design

Garage door designs have become much more than the plain, cookie cutter styles.

Garage doors take inspiration from a variety of sources – from the American farmhouse to a European design. As garages play a bigger role in home design — with three-car garages practically standard in some neighborhoods — the doors are changing, too.

Gone are the days of the architecturally bland, cookie-cutter garage doors. Such doors have been replaced with ones that look like entrances to old carriage houses, barns, even castles. The doors boast leaded-glass windows, raised panels and an assortment of decorative hardware. And though they may look like doors that swing open, they roll up with an automatic opener.

A lot more attention is being given to the design and appearance of the interior of a garage, and that draws attention to the garage door. An attached garage represents a minimum of 30 percent of the visual portion of a home, depending on where the garage is facing. In the majority of homes, it faces the street. Yet, traditionally, doors were plain, cookie-cutter garage doors. They were functional and safe but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the overall home.

That’s changing. Now you can find doors that better complement a home’s design, whether it offers Old World charm or contemporary styling. There is new stuff all the time as the industry realizes how much curb appeal a garage door adds. Carriage-house doors were some of the most popular on the market. People want the garage door to match the entry door or to pick up on the home’s windows or gables on the house. Now you can make them more distinct and more personalized.

Most people use their garage doors to enter their homes every day — while rarely using the front entry. Steel is the biggest seller, popular because of its low maintenance and its warranties.

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Garage Door Battered and Beaten?

The condition of your garage door can be a sure sign of a home where a family resides.

From the damage caused by that first time without training wheels when your daughter didn’t know how to use the brakes, to your son’s hockey practice, your garage door bears the reminders.

No parent can ever forget when their child got their driving permit and failed to remember that the garage door was so closed. As much as you treasure those memories, you do not want your garage door to bear the signs forever as this can take away from the overall visual appeal of your home as well as your home’s value.

Not only does an improperly operating garage door take away from the visual appeal and value of your home, it also poses many safety hazards to you and your family. An improperly operating door has the potential of closing unexpectedly on small children who may be playing in the doorway as well as family pets who do not know any better.

A garage door that has loose springs or other missing hardware poses the greatest amount of danger. If you have a vehicle that you park in your garage it is also very likely that you can expect a great amount of costly damage to your automobile should a mishap happen.

When you have garage openers that are not working properly or are out of commission all together, you run the risk of having unwanted guests. There have been many reports of homes where the garage opener is not working and thieves gain access to your personal belongs.

The risks get even more severe if your garage is attached to your home with an entry point. When a thief manages to get into your garage area they are concealed from the view of neighbors who may be watching your home for you. Once inside they can gain entry to your home. This is definitely not a situation you want to come home to.

A professional garage door company can help you decide on a garage door selection that will fit your needs. There are many great innovative designs when selecting garage doors for you home from a variety of colors and designs to added safety amenities such as motion sensors, alarm systems and object detectors that mount on the bottom of the door to keep the door from closing on people and other objects that may be in the way.

Once you have decided on your ideal door selection, these garage door specialists will install the door and all necessary hardware that is included. When you have inspected the garage door and garage door openers and they meet your approval, only then will they report the job as being completed.

If you have a need for a new garage door or garage door opener, contact a professional today to schedule a consultation. You will be under no obligation should you decide that this is not right for you. However, as many families have discovered, dealing with professionals who know what they are doing can bring you much needed peace of mind.

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Horse and Carriage… goes together like a…

While you might not own a carriage, would you use your garage to create the impression that you do?

When choosing a design for your garage door, the number of options that you have is virtually unlimited. One of the most remarkable and attractive styles is one that resembles the door of a carriage house. While lots of us have taken peaceful carriage rides, we might be less familiar with a carriage house. What exactly is the style of these storage spaces for carriages, and why have they inspired carriage house doors?

These houses were the place where carriages that horses pulled, were stored. As you most likely have noticed, carriages aren’t as common today as they were in the past. But there’s that old saying that what’s old is new again. Many homeowners pick garage doors that resemble the door of a carriage house, to add a touch of class and flair to their homes.

What choices are there? There are two main options. One version basically just has the look of the doors on carriage houses. Meanwhile, they open overhead like the bulk of today’s garage doors. This differs from the actual doors, which opened outward. But that is not to say that this style of door doesn’t look authentic. In fact, they often are decked out with attractive pieces such as handles and doorknobs, to give them an genuine look.

The other major version duplicates both the form and function of the original doors. The authentic carriage house doors opened by swinging outward, rather than using the vertical style that is common among today’s garage doors. To make the doors seem as close to the real thing as possible, people often choose those made of wood, to give the doors a genuine look.

When choosing between the various options of garage doors that look like the entrance of a carriage house, here are some of the choices that you have:

1. Material

The original doors of were wood, so elect that material if you want your garage door to be as genuine as possible. But if you’re looking for a more durable material that’ll call for less maintenance, then you can also find such doors made from materials such as steel, fiberglass and aluminum In the end, the exact material used for carriage house doors is a matter of individual preference.

2. Operation

If you fancy the experience of opening the door of the real thing, then go for a door that opens by hand. The traditional models swung open sideways, vs. vertically in the majority modern garage doors. But if you want to have modern convenience, you can also find models with an automatic garage door opener… in my opinion I think the reliability of today’s overhead garage door is a better option.

3. Style

Carriage house doors are obtainable in an assortment of styles. This will make it easier to harmonize with the design of your house.

Even if you don’t own a house and carriage, it can make a wonderful addition to your garage!

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Consider This!

Make a list. There are several important items to take into consideration when purchasing a new garage door.

Not only do you have to decide on the amount of money you want to spend but you also need to think about the type of door to get and the matter of installing the door.

First of all you will need to think about how much you would like to spend on a new garage door. This is probably the most vital step as without sorting this out you have little chance of making the right choice. Wood garage doors are generally expensive even though there are also many benefits to getting them. You must think carefully about the different options before making a concluding decision.

An additional thing to take into consideration is which sort of door for the garage you want to buy. Wooden garage doors offer the highest level of insulation. Metal garage doors are less costly but arent so insulated but make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of each before you make a conclusion. It could be hard to pick the right one but it is significant that you do not rush your selection as this can cause a bad conclusion.

A further issue is whether you need to get the garage door professionally fitted. A professionally mounted door will in general last longer than one you fit yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. Despite the fact that it will often cost more assets to get a garage door professionally set up it is in general best to do so if you have any option in the subject.

When getting a door for the garage a clear yet essential point is that you must pay money for a door that matches your existing design. Should you buy a door that does not match the rest of the interior of your house then this can ruin the outer walls design. You also must to think about how the rest of the homes in your area are decorated as this will present you with an idea of what looks great.

Buying a new door for the garage doesnt have to be hard as long as you keep these essential points in mind. Failure to do so can mean that you will not get the best door for your house. Choosing the wrong garage door and be a costly blunder.

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DIY Garage Door Installation

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Garage Doors: Improving the Appearance Of Your Home

With the warm weather months here, it’s the perfect time for the annual ritual of performing a spruce up around your home. Planting gardens, improving the look of your lawn and maybe applying a fresh coat of paint to the window trims are on your to-do list. An appealing exterior offers an invaluable first impression to neighbors, friends, and – if you’re trying to sell, which many do prior to the beginning of school in the fall – perspective buyers.

One exterior feature that greatly contributes to this first impression is the garage door, and updating it can drastically improve your home’s front exterior or “curb appeal.” If you’ve looked into replacing a garage door, you know that it can be an overwhelming task with so many styles and materials from which to choose. It’s important that your choice complements the architecture of your home as well as your lifestyle. In other words, you don’t want a door that sticks out like a sore thumb or one that requires more maintenance than you’d prefer.

So how do you make sure that you pick the right garage door? Follow these simple steps: pick a material, choose a style and find a good dealer.

When selecting a material, decide what material best fits your home and lifestyle, whether it be the natural beauty of wood, the durability and low maintenance of steel or the environmental friendliness of wood composite. Wood doors offer a classic, handcrafted look that won’t go out of style but will require more frequent upkeep. Steel doors need the least amount of maintenance and come in many affordable designs.

Once you’ve selected the material, it’s time to choose a style. Doors are available to match any architectural style to match the style of your home.

Once you’ve chosen a design, you’ll need to select a color and any decorative hardware desired to enhance the door’s beauty. Steel doors often come in pre-painted colors, but they also can be customized with exterior latex paint. Wood doors generally come in their natural finish and can be easily stained or painted. Wood composite doors are sold painted or primed and ready to stain or paint. Depending on the style you choose, you may also have the option to add decorative hardware or decorative windows.

Finally, it’s important to find a reputable dealer who can provide pricing for the correct door size needed and installation and removal of the old door if you’re purchasing a replacement door. Garage doors are sold sized to specifically fit your garage door opening. An important, but often neglected step, is enlisting a professional dealer to measure your door to ensure that it will be correctly sized. Make sure that your local dealer is authorized, fully insured and has a good local reputation. Never try to repair or install a garage door yourself – it can be extremely dangerous.

Investing in a new garage door is a sure way to improve the look of your home’s exterior, as well as improve energy efficiency and protection. You can also take comfort in knowing that this purchase will add value to your home and will be an important asset should you decide to sell.

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Looking At Garage Door Windows

Many garage doors are equipped with windows. This added feature not only allows for a structural design to be implemented into the garage door but also has the added flexibility of enhancing a garage.

Garage door windows allow for light to come into the garage, making a dark and gloomy space bright and cheerful. This in essence also brings the benefit of making the garage space a more workable and desirable area to use for everything from crafts to handyman type hobbies.

Since, for many houses, the garage is a large space that is viewed from the street, garage door windows can also accent the home. The windows on the garage door can really make a statement and many homeowners have realized this and when looking at garage door window replacement consider changing the windows.

When a consumer begins evaluating the decision to look at garage door window, there are some things to consider. The garage door window is a way to spice up the garage door. When looking at garage door window consider a tinted glass for the windows. Many homes have garages that face the sun, by tinting the windows the heat in the garage will go down and help keep the part of the house that is connected to the garage a little cooler.

Many companies offer this simple option or you may consider adding an opaque or seedie glass to the garage door. For homes that have a garage as the largest focal point of their home, this can be a way to emphasis the originality of their home and give their garage a quick face lift to improve the overall appearance of the garage door.

If the entire style of the garage door is something that you are choosing to change, keep in mind the garage door windows. Many homeowners find that the price is worth the new look their home receives.

Garage door windows can be a great way to enhance or change the look of the outside of a home while having a lasting effect on your homes appearance.

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