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Time for a Garage Door Makeover

Maximizing every inch of space within a home is a sound strategy for any efficient homeowner.

Garages, traditionally thought of as strictly a storage space, have evolved into a far more functional and attractive part of the house that can be enjoyed by homeowners and guests alike. The garage has typically been a junkyard. People have usually just hid stuff behind the door.

As budgets have tightened, however, garages have become an increasingly-popular spring home improvement project for homeowners looking for an upgrade instead of an overhaul. An effective way to de-clutter one’s garage is to install cabinets, which can be elevated off the floor and hung directly on the wall. Designed to have maximum strength and durability, cabinets are an effective means of storage and open up significant amounts of floor space, thus creating an opportunity for a flooring upgrade.

While many homeowners will continue to utilize the garage for automobile storage, others may find the garage to be an ideal place to create a work area or a workout space. As a result, rooms within the home that were previously used for such functions will now be available for use in other ways. ompleting the garage makeover with a new door is an effective way to enhance the overall look of a home’s exterior.

The most recommended type of garage door is a carriage house style garage door, or barn-style door, to those looking to enhance the appearance of their home. The doors can be customized with different colors, windows and trim and are a low-maintenance option for homeowners.

The garage door is a major focal point.  A carriage house style garage door is a cost-effective way to change the look of the front of the house. A new steel garage door, be it a carriage house or a more affordable alternative, can greatly reduce the amount of required maintenance for a homeowner as opposed to wooden doors that are heavier and require painting or staining every year. With a steel garage door, all you need is soap and water.

Aesthetically, the durability of steel garage doors will greatly enhance curb appeal. Such doors will not dent, peel or need to be painted, allowing the garage to serve as an attractive part of the home’s exterior.

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Remodel with Garage Doors

As the real estate market continues to rebalance, an interesting shift is occurring among homeowners.

Not so long ago, a homeowner’s goal was to sell and move to a larger home. Now the priority for many appears to be shifting. More and more homeowners are remodeling and upgrading.

The main reason driving the remodel trend is a sluggish real estate market. Until the market turns around, many homeowners have turned their energy to maintaining the value of their current investment. However, the question is always what items to do first. To help you decide, here are a few ideas that we think will have the most impact.

• Consider replacing the entry and/or garage doors to enhance the exterior appearance with a fresh new look and create a great first impression on visitors. However, don’t just buy what is on sale. Make certain to complement the style and color of the home.

• If you work in the garage, consider a garage door with windows or with extra insulation. Windows will let in more light for increased visibility, and the extra insulation will help keep the garage warmer in winter. Also consider splurging a little more for a quieter door opener to reduce the noise when opening and closing.

 Changing the home’s exterior color can also give a needed face-lift. The age of a home also contributes to the need for remodeling. Many of Anchorage’s homes have reached the 20 to 30 year mark and need more remodeling than just cosmetic repairs to maintain value. At this age, the kitchen and baths need updating, and the roof likely needs replacing. A kitchen remodel, while expensive, is a justifiable expense; many people consider the kitchen the most important room of the house. Replacing the roof before a major problem develops will save you money in the long run.

Homeownership requires work to maintain property values. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, but you are thinking of remodeling, now is the time to act; local new construction is still sluggish and contractors are looking for work. Many sellers have told us that they wished they had updated their homes sooner for their enjoyment, instead of when they were trying to sell to the next buyer.

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Your Garage Door R.O.I.

For most people who remodel their home, return on investment is important.

The reality is that you usually won’t recover the cost of your investment right away; however, there are projects that recoup faster than others and play a strong role in a home’s resale value. Projects that impact curb appeal tend to impact resale value. When a buyer approaches a house, the curb appeal can affect a potential buyer’s first impression and, consequently, a home’s resale value.

Garage door replacement projects ranked high among a return in investment, recouping from 69 percent of the cost on the upscale garage door to 83 percent on the mid-range garage door. This high rate of return is due to the fact that garage door replacements are among the least expensive projects and that they improve curb appeal instantly.

Look at the overall design of your home when considering a garage-door upgrade. Having the garage on the front of the house is not ideal, architecturally speaking, so the object is usually to make the door look as nice as possible without making it the star of the show.

The design focus should be on your front entrance, rather than the garage. But, if you are planning to replace your garage door, manufacturers today give you several options from which to choose.

Garage doors are comprised of two main elements: the sections and the overlay. The sections make up the basic unit of the door. They are the large panels hinged together to create the door.

Overlays are added for decorative effect. This is where the options seem endless. You can find any design you want with an overlay.

The most commonly purchased garage door does not include an overlay.

It is a standard door with steel sections that have a design pressed or embossed into them and the attempt to mimic wood grain is not very convincing. These doors are typically not insulated, so they are most appropriate for detached, non-heated garages. Insulated garage doors make sense if your garage is attached to your home, or if you have a garage/workshop that is heated for your comfort.

Doors with overlays are more expensive, but they give a garage door more style and character. Overlays can be made of several materials. An overlay option is steel. “Boards” are created with an embossed texture and then applied to the base sections to create the carriage-house look.

The most expensive is real wood. You can choose from many types, including cedar, exotic hardwood and salvaged barn wood. Doors finished with a real wood overlay are quite heavy and require commercial grade operators. There is also some maintenance with wood overlays, such as staining, sealing or painting.

Once you decide the look and material of your garage door then you have to determine how you want it to function. Insulation, safety features, windows and the garage door opener are all elements to consider when replacing your garage door.

An updated garage door that not only looks good but functions well and saves energy will leave a great first impression for guests or prospective buyers.

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Think Garage Door Smart

Garage doors aren’t something that people usually think about on a regular basis, but they’re actually a pretty important part of most homes. If you’re just building a home, or you have a home that only has a carport and you’re thinking of adding more, then you want to make sure that you make the right decision when it comes to the room that will house your cars. And that includes the door.

Choosing What Works for You

When you’re shopping for garage doors, consider what you want. Most people opt for mechanical doors with a remote, and it’s true that they can be a lot more convenient. If you only plan on using that room for storage or as a place to play ping-pong or foosball, however, then a mechanical door may not really be needed. When shopping, consider things such as what would be most convenient for you, and what would fit into your budget.

Smart Shopping

Believe it or not, you have several options when it comes to buying your garage door. There are four types of garage doors out on the market, each of these four have various other forms and different looks but mainly there are four types. These doors roll up and are ideal for those with short drive ways who are limited for space as they do not swing outwards but roll up around a drum above the opening. Usually these types of doors are automated. This is a great feature as you do not have to leave your car, with the push of a button the garage door will open. This is convenient for the elderly and during bad weather.

You want to make sure, however, that you buy from a reputable dealer who offers a good selection. Selection isn’t the only thing that you want to consider, however. More than likely you don’t want to install this bulky apparatus yourself, so you want to deal with a company that will also do the installation, and preferably include it in the overall price! Look for quality, affordability, and a good warranty.

Protecting Your Door

Garage doors often get a lot of use, and sometime some abuse. If you buy a mechanical one, be sure to keep all the parts in good shape by following manufacturer recommendations for maintenance. It also doesn’t hurt to install some kind of bumper on the front of the door to guard against dents or cracks caused by such things as cars and outside toys. Simple common sense care can go a long way.

Garage doors aren’t the most exciting things to be looking for, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some careful thought into the purchase of one. Hopefully, the one you buy will be lasting you for many years, so you want to be happy with it. Decide what would work best for you, find the right dealer, and take care and protect your purchase, and you shouldn’t have to think about it again for a long time.

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In many high-end home remodels, the impression of weight can influence product choices. Inside the home and out, materials that appear more solid lend an air of luxury, regardless of cost. This is also true of garage doors, which occupy a considerable amount of a home’s front elevation. Rather than installing all-function-no-form models, many manufacturers, like First United Door Technologies, are providing new styles with plenty of class, upgrading garage doors to “vehicle concealment portals.”

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