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A Resource for Homeowners: Home and Garage Access During a Power Outage

LiftMaster launched their new site, GetInYourGarage.com, as a resource for homeowners, providing them with tips on how to manage their home and garage access during a power outage.

Coupled with statistics on the frequency of power outages across the country, this site helps connect homeowners to installing dealers who can educate them on and install tangible battery backup garage door opener and access solutions so they are never inconveniently blocked or locked out by a heavy powerless garage door when the power’s out.

Whether caused by inclement weather or grid failures, power outages are inevitable, leaving homeowners with a lot to handle until the power goes back on. GetinYourGarage.com offers a resourceful starting point for homeowners and families on what to do during a power outage and what steps they can take to ensure that access to their home is not jeopardized, leading them to a local dealer to learn more about maintaining peace-of-mind during an outage. 

The site also features information on the LiftMaster 3850 Belt Drive unit with battery backup built right into the opener, as well as a preview of LiftMaster’s new national television spot that highlights the features and benefits of installing this battery backup-enabled unit.

LiftMaster is a brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers, as well as a major manufacturer of commercial door operators, residential and commercial gate operators, telephone-entry systems and related access-control products.

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When it comes to remodeling, Americans are thinking small. It’s a reflection of the times we live in, according to Remodeling Magazine, a trade journal that each year conducts an extensive study of the typical costs of home-remodeling jobs, compared to ballpark estimates of how much of those expenditures homeowners would recoup at sale time.

The short version: Economic realities have generally snuffed out over-the-top kitchen remodels and room additions in favor of more modest jobs.

In broadest terms, the average return on investment of a remodeling project this past year at sale time was 60%, vs. 64% last year. The magazine studied tightly defined jobs on a national and regional basis, as well as for many cities. The study was conducted in collaboration with the National Association of Realtors, whose members offered payback estimates based on resale’s in their geographic areas.

The top five “moderate projects” with the strongest payback at resale time, returning 72% or more of their cost: steel entry-door replacement (at a cost of about $1,200); garage-door replacement ($1,000); wooden deck addition ($11,000); replacing 10 insulated, wooden windows clad in vinyl or aluminum ($12,000); an attic bedroom addition ($51,428).

The best bang for the buck was garage-door replacement. It was the first time that project had appeared in the survey, though it made sense because consumers seem to have a strong interest in curb-appeal projects these days.

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Garage Door Romance

Can any homeowner live without a garage door?

People leave garage doors alone until they’re broken, even though they can make a family safe. Garage doors are primarily made from two materials, steel and wood.

The scale of drudgery that they entail differentiates steel from wood residential doors, confirmed the product manager of a leading manufacturer of overhead rolling doors. Not much is needed to keep in optimum state steel doors coated with baked enamel. The enamel is a protective covering, needing only minor touch ups for scratches, for steel doors.

However, steel doors can also be painted. There are also those who prioritize a blend between the doors and the rest of the home exterior, preferring a full bodied paint. No harm comes to galvanized steel doors from rain, sleet, or snow.

Wood doors, unlike their steel cousins, can be ground down, resulting in rifts and sagging, if they are not safeguarded. It is highly recommended that at least two coats of oil based paint, stain or other exterior finish are applied. A single coat must be applied on an annual basis to preserve the wood.

Those who heed this guidance can expect their doors to stay looking new for decades to come. In fact, wood doors often retain their new appearance longer than steel doors because they are more flexible. It is this suppleness that helps it resist impact. Wood cannot be distorted or wounded by a brief rap of a solid object. However, steel doors have been known to bow or succumb to damage.

Insulation is possible with flush doors of either wood or steel, but it is not possible with wood panel doors. Insulation only works if weather stripping is put all around the door.

The doors can be hushed and strengthened with insulation. To insulate the whole garage, more than the door should be taken care of. Measurements of the garage opening, head room, and side room, should all be taken into consideration when getting a garage door. The area from the top of the opening to the nearest impediment is the headroom.

Similarly, the side room measures the distance from the side of the opening to the nearest obstruction on the wall. Getting the hardware in is all about correct measurements. The homeowner should ask the dealer, who, quite often offer free estimates to the consumer, to measure the door opening. No matter the cost, garage doors are best mounted by the dealer.

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Quality Garage Doors for Your Home

Most homes are designed to incorporate double garage doors in their construction. In many cases contractors and builders install contractor grade garage doors to save money and reduce the cost to the homeowner. Choosing a cheap door is probably not a very good decision. Using garage door pricing to judge the quality of a garage door does to some degree make sense.

Deciding what garage door you will need will depend on where you live and what weather conditions your home will have to endure. If you live in an area that has long cold winters with heavy snow then you should be looking for a garage door with a high R-value and that is relatively maintenance free. Look for a steel garage door that is constructed using at least 25 gauge steel with 2 inches of polyurethane foam sandwich in between. In most cases a door of this quality will allow you to heat or cool your garage without breaking the bank. A well insulated garage will allow you to climb into your warm vehicle on the coldest morning. In addition you will be able to use your garage based workshop year around. Some people are interested in garage doors that are constructed of wood. Wooden garage doors are very beautiful to look at and depending on the type of panel construction will be very secure. Garage doors constructed entirely of wood are possible but do not have the strength and durability of a steel frame panel garage door.

However, you can achieve all the beauty of a wood door by using a steel framed door that is over laid with Cedar. Wooden garage doors will require a regular routine of intensive maintenance that includes staining and/or painting. A wood garage door can also be expensive.

The bottom line is when looking at garage doors, it really is penny wise and pound foolish to purchase and install a relatively inexpensive garage door. A quality garage door will make your home more secure and energy efficient and add great curb appeal.

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