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Remember safety this summer

Winter and spring lockdown has finally released us from the confines of cool weather. Homeowners are into the swing of summer. We wait all year for good weather summer holidays and travel.

Let’s face it, we all feel a little more relaxed during the summer months. Neighbors come out of hibernation to reacquaint themselves, barbeques are fired up and family get-togethers become common practice. We throw open windows and doors and invite the long awaited summer breeze into our homes. It’s also the time of year when we’re not as vigilant about our home security. Burglars breeze in and out of homes at record levels as well during the summer because of sloppy home security practices.

Unfortunately summer brings with it a relaxed mindset when it comes to home security. Homeowners tend to leave doors unlocked during the summer months more than any other time of year. It’s a time when unsupervised overhead garage doors are left open for extenuating periods of time. You also see more ladders and tools left outside often until summer projects are complete.

We also spend more time in our backyards relaxing in lawn chairs worshipping the sun enjoying quite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Burglars tend to capitalize on “backyard livers” by breaking into the front of the house, so make sure you have your garage door secured as well as all windows and doors at the front of your home when you’re entertaining in your backyard this summer.

We often don’t have a schedule during the summer months. Daytime family outings are more prevalent and often pop up unexpectedly creating a security risk as well. Homeowners often decide at the last minute to head to the beach or water park with little time given to securing their home. Often in their rush they forget to secure their home properly and may discover a few things missing upon their return.

If you keep your home security radar switched on this summer, you should have a crime free season. So make sure your home’s exterior doors, garage doors and sheds are secured with deadbolts and all valuables are locked up and secured and out of view of windows.

If you take the opportunity away, you can reduce crime tremendously. So keep your wits about you this summer and always keep your home security top of mind.

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How to Prevent Garage Door Accidents

Garage door accidents, like so many accidents in the home, could be avoided if more care and attention was paid.

A garage is not essentially a play area or a work area, but a place to store your vehicle and household items. You should therefore never let children play around in an open door, especially when we are talking about traditional spring doors, as you are creating a danger zone.

Garage doors should be kept closed. They are not really designed to stay open, and if they were used correctly, then many accidents would be prevented. Although the springs in a traditional garage door are designed to hold a garage door open at half way up, springs can fail at any moment, the garage door falling abruptly down.

Keeping up to date with your garage maintenance is really important if you wish to prevent door accidents. A simple once over, periodically to make sure that none of the moving parts or hardware of the door are broken is all it takes to prevent so many accidents. If you do the simple test of leaving your door half way up, you should be able to determine if the torsion springs are in good order or not. If the door falls down, then the springs are too loose or worn.

When you check over your door and its’ working elements, if you see any corrosion around the hinges or springs, you should not delay to get them fixed straight away; this could prevent a really nasty accident. But what is also the cause of many door accidents each year is the DIY enthusiast who attempts to change door springs.

You only have to think about how much force there is behind the torsion springs of a door when closed to realize that changing the springs is a job that you should never attempt alone, or unless you are totally sure of what you are doing. These kinds of repairs really are best left to the experts, and a small charge to a door repairman could prevent a really nasty accident. In short, to prevent accidents around doors, never allow children to play in the vicinity of an open door, always keep garage doors closed when not in use, and lastly, maintain your doors to a high standard. When in doubt of the safety of your present ones, look to change the doors as soon as possible.

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New garage doors, garage door openers and accessories can prevent intruders from invading your home

According to statistics compiled by metropolitan police departments, approximately 50 percent of all residential burglaries occur because a garage door is left open or is outdated and no longer secure.

The garage door industry is reminding homeowners in to make it a practice to keep their garage doors closed when not in use.

An open garage door is an open invitation to thieves. Thieves are also targeting remote controls that are not locked up in vehicles parked outside. Many people are now upgrading their garage doors to stylish new models that are now available. Unfortunately, many homeowners are in the dangerous habit of leaving their garage doors open. If you’ve just bought a stylish new garage door, why not show it off and keep it closed?

Today’s technologies enable new garage doors to provide greater security than the garage doors of yesteryear. Garage doors paired with open-door alert systems, miniature key ring remote controls and numerically coded or fingerprint keypad entry systems keep unwanted visitors out of your home and away from your family’s belongings.

Here are some ways to improve home safety and security.


How many times have you gone in your house after working in your yard or carrying groceries out of your car and left the garage door open? New garage doors can be equipped with an open garage door monitor that can be affixed to your door system. When a garage door is left open, a warning light will indicate “open door” – a signal for you to close your garage door. Homeowners can sleep easy, knowing their garage doors are closed and their families are safe.


Another tool for the security-minded homeowner is a miniature key ring remote control. Think about it. Leaving your garage door remote control opener in your car – whether it’s parked in your driveway or anywhere – is the same as leaving your house keys on your driver’s seat. Crafty thieves are breaking into vehicles and grabbing the garage door remote and getting your home address from your car’s registration or insurance documents,” adds Long. “They then drive to your home and pull right in your garage.” Long recommends replacing your visor-clip remote control with a handy miniature key ring remote control. Hooked onto your keychain, these remotes can easily be carried with you at all times.


One of the most popular garage door accessories is a keypad entry system mounted outside your garage door. With these devices, you can open your garage door with a simple swipe of your fingerprint or by entering a 4-digit code. These tools keep out intruders while providing easy access only to the people who need it. Give your personal code only to family and trusted friends. Fingerprint controls can also be programmed for multiple fingerprints.

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