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Faux Painting and Gel Staining to the Rescue!

Most garages are readily visible from the street. A garage door has great potential either to add or detract from a property’s beauty. Many garage doors share an architectural partnership with their houses. The garage door should harmonize with its house. Garage doors express the structure’s function more than any other element. It should incorporate or compliment decorative features that will enhance the front elevation of the home. 

Then why settle for a Plain Jane, white on white, garage door every time you pull up to the house? Want the rich look and feel of a thick wooden door, but don’t have the spare $10,000-$12,000 it would cost for the real thing. The idea is simple, take a boring, static garage door, and create something appealing and interesting that will make your garage, and home a statement of your own.

Taking garage doors and either faux painting or using a gel staining process, can give them the dramatic effect of a rich, beautifully hued wood door. The most common types of garage doors today, have a wood grain texture imprinted on them that runs across the entire door inviting the look of a real wood door. Faux painting or gel staining achieves a deep rich look and insures durability and protection against elements, not fading as regular painted garage doors do.

Transform your steel garage door into a luxurious “wooden” door that will make the garage dominate the curb appeal of the home.

CLICK HERE for some instructions on how to do your own “Steel Staining” Project.

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Garage Doors: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

If you’re trying to sell your home, or simply want to raise its value and overall look, you may need to consider replacing your current garage door.

An attractive and stylish garage door instantly improves the curb appeal of your home. It’s also a less time consuming and less expensive way to upgrade the exterior of your house than a major project like installing new siding or completely renovating your yard. You should especially consider replacing your old garage door if it is dented, scratched, or if its color clashes with the exterior of your house.

But color is not the only option when it comes to garage doors. Garage doors now come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and decorative options. Even if your home is ultra modern, you can find a decorative steel garage door to match it.

Traditional homeowners will have no troubles finding a wide selection of beautiful options to match that style as well. Carriage house style garage doors are a great way to upgrade the exterior attractiveness of your house. Carriage house doors resemble the classic wooden doors that are found on many stables and carriage houses of old manor homes. They have a gently curved top that looks stylish and high class, and feature a row of small windows near the top of the door.

For a more rustic look, taking the same steel carriage house doors and gel staining or faux painting them will them the feel of yesteryear. If you’ve got children and pets that love to play in your garage or driveway, you want to consider a tough and durable steel garage door. These materials resist dents and scratches better than wood or glass, and will look good for a long time.

By choosing a stylish and updated option you can increase attractiveness of your home’s exterior. By doing so, you’ll also automatically increase its resale value as well. You can also replace a broken, damaged, or non-functioning garage door with a new working model. By upgrading this often overlooked part of your home, you are investing in your house and increasing its curb appeal.

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Protecting Garage Doors with Paint

Garage doors take a lot of abuse.

Getting knocked into and dented. The wear and tear of going up and down all the time. Being exposed to nature’s elements. Garage doors experience wear and tear on a daily basis. They are also the entry through which very many people enter their homes at. But for all this, garage doors are often overlooked where maintenance and the look of the garage door is involved.

Most steel garage doors need a fresh coat of paint every few years to protect them from wind, rain, and sun. Even without peeling, paint layers break down over time and garage doors need to be repainted every few years. This also offers a convenient opportunity to change colors and create more curb appeal.

It is imperative that the door be cleaned and dried thoroughly before any painting begins. Using a hose, an abrasive cleaner, and a rough scrub brush, clean the entire side of the door that is to be painted. Make sure to get any oil or grease that has collected entirely cleaned off; otherwise the paint won’t stick and there will be bubbling and peeling problems. It is okay for the surface of the garage door to be slightly abraded during this process as it will allow the paint to stick better.

Once the door is clean and dry, use an oil based exterior paint primer to prepare the door for the color coats.  Follow the directions on the primer label carefully to avoid problems like tacky paint that never dries properly, peeling, or bubbling. The primer can be applied with a roller and brush that are designed for oil based paint.

Allow the primer to dry according to manufacturer directions. Once the primer is dry, apply even coats of oil based paint in the selected color. Use this opportunity to add curb appeal to the house by choosing a color that coordinates well with the existing color scheme while adding some excitement. Allow each color coat to fully dry in between coats, and follow manufacturer directions on finishing and cleaning up.

Recent restrictions on ingredients in paint have limited the availability of oil based paint. Exterior latex paint may be used to paint garage doors, but is more prone to bubbling and peeling, especially on metal doors. If appropriate exterior oil based paint cannot be found, consult with the local hardware store to find the best alternative. Many garage door services also offer painting, and using such a service may ensure that the finished results will last for years and added beauty and garage door protection.

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