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The Best Things About Garage Doors

One of the best things about owning a home is having a garage to park your car in at night. Having a place that you can store extra items in is a convenience that you become accustomed to.

With the ability to shut the garage doors homeowners can keep their automobile safe and secure. Too many people have been victimized by thieves the break into their parked car when it is on the street. With the convenience of a private garage however, a car can be tucked away out of sight and away from would be thieves.

Being able to your garage as a workshop where you can do some mechanical work or build some furniture for the house is an added blessing to being able to safely keep your car protected from the elements and other threats. With an automatic garage door opener you don’t have to exit your vehicle to open and close the garage. Making sure that when you push the button the springs and motor gently lower the door to the ground you can leave your house locked up, as you come and go through the garage entrance to your home.

Of course, there are occasions when the gears inside the automatic opener wear out and the unit needs to be replaced. When checking the chain that pulls up the door and fixing it in place around the new gear mechanism, it is a good idea to inspect the springs and look for signs that they may need to be replaced also. With well maintained garage doors homeowners can keep their house secure and know that as they need to leave their house in the morning that it will be safe as the doors close with the touch of a button.

Because many people leave their house empty during the day, it is important to make sure that all of the exterior doors are closed tightly and locked from the inside. By leaving through the garage homeowners can have the peace of mind in knowing that their house will be safe as they go off to work. Probably the most utilized entryway of any house, the garage doors are always being pushed and pulled by the automatic openers. When repairs to the system or the doors themselves are needed, it is up to the residents to keep their equipment repaired and running. Homeowners can find everything that they need to keep their equipment maintained by hiring professional licensed installers that can keep their house easily accessible and very safe.

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Garage Door As a Canvas

So you thought the only purpose of garage doors was to open so that you could get your car?

This is certainly not the case anymore! These painted garage doors will show you that garages have so much more to offer. When you are sporting one of these doors, your neighbors will either love you or hate you.


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Pimp Your Garage!

If you’re tired out vehicle is lowering the character of your home, why not pretend it’s actually a swish, supersonic jet? Thanks to a German firm, you can now “pimp your garage” with one of their life-like 3D door designs. From a distance, the illusions, printed on tarpaulin, might even fool the neighbors into thinking you’ve traded in your motor for a FI racer, a yacht – or even an elephant.

In fact, these utterly realistic images are printed on plastic sheets which are stuck on garage doors – the latest craze for homeowners. The weather and fire-resistant prints are designed to disguise that boring garage door. Held in place by industrial strength Velcro, they are easy to change and virtually indestructible.

The fashion started in Germany and is now being taken up all over Europe. It’s certainly quite a lot cheaper than a real sports car or a jet fighter. And for the more imaginative customer, creator Thomas Sassenbach (www.styleyourgarage.com) will customize any image on request.

Now, has anyone seen the pet crocodile today?


Formula One

The Beach

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Overhead Garage Door = Curb Appeal

In most cases, the overhead garage door simply refers to garage doors that move up and overhead as they open. There are many companies that have a long history in offering and producing the overhead garage door, allowing the customers to select and customize their own garage designs with ease and comfort. This type of attention to individual detail has made the garage door industry diverse with all sorts of colorful and playful options for your garage that will match and augment your home with a tremendous array of style distinctions.

With the right overhead garage door, you can change the way your home appears. This is known as curb appeal. There are a lot of options for garage doors that could offer a whole new look to your home. The choice is yours and the design of your overhead garage door will simply come down to what you prefer and what you do not want.


An overhead garage door can, and will, enhance your home in many ways.

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Bigger, Bolder Garage Doors

Unlike the drab and purely functional spaces of yesteryear, today’s garages are becoming as elaborate and versatile as any finished living area in the home. Along with the tendency toward greater square footage, garages represent more things to more people: a recreation room, a fitness center, a home theater, and a convenient place to park the car or motor home.

Now that the once-humble garage has become an expression of the homeowner’s personality and style of the house, it’s time to give it the face it deserves: a stylish, beautiful door. Not only will it provide all-essential curb appeal, a better door can generally pay for itself by increasing a builder’s profit margin and, in the case of spec homes, attracting more buyer attention.
The most striking innovation in this arena is the steel carriage-style door. All-steel carriage doors are taking hold of the public imagination.


Unique styling options are available to make even the most ordinary steel garage door an attractive, well-integrated element of a home’s exterior. The range of possibilities in styles now provides homeowners with more flexibility than ever before in coordinating exteriors by architectural design. One thing is certain. The garage door will never again be the boring, blank canvas it once was.

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