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No Power to the Garage Door?

The needs of homeowners and the designs of garages today have evolved to include many distinct needs and applications that demand that garage door openers are diverse in their design and application.

Garage Door Openers are considered a necessity by most homeowners today and often rely on the garage door as the main entrance to the home.

You don’t want to get out of the car in driving rain, blizzards or freezing cold  – just press the button on your remote transmitter and your garage door opens automatically. The new generation of garage door openers are reasonably priced, safe and easy to install. They are affordable and no longer a convenience for only a select few.

So what happens when you lose power in your home? Operating your door manually is no fun, especially in areas with frequent power outages. If you’re fortunate enough, you opener will have a battery backup system that will continue to operate your garage door.

For example, the LiftMaster 3850 opener features an ultra-quiet 12V DC motor with a belt drive system and the industry’s only integrated EverCharge™ Battery Backup system. The integrated battery backup technology not only powers the opener for up to 40 full cycles but continues to power vital safety functions, such as The Protector System® safety reversing system, in the event of an electrical outage.

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Maintaining the Garage Door on Your House

Garage door maintenance is something that is often overlooked – until the doors stop functioning properly. The good news is that it’s not difficult to maintain these important components of your home.  With a little time and attention, you can help keep your garage doors operating smoothly both now and in the future.

One thing to always keep in mind is your own safety – and that of those around you.  Certain tasks are meant for the professionals, so don’t try and take a shortcut – call someone who is experienced and can do the job properly.

Though they look relatively simple in construction, garage doors actually have many components, especially if they’re hooked up to an electric opener.

Because of this level of complexity—and the fact that a garage door must stand up against harsh weather—a garage door may suffer from any of several problems.

The most common problem is that the door becomes difficult to lift and lower. This may be something that can be resolved with a few simple adjustments and basic maintenance, or it may be more serious. If the door is connected to an electric opener, the first clue is to disconnect the opener mechanism from the door by pulling the release cord or lever. If the door works fine manually, the problem is with the electric opener; in this case, consult your owner’s manual or call a garage door opener repair pro.

A door that seems unusually heavy to lift may have a problem with spring tension. Garage door springs are under extreme tension because of the loads they must lift, and this makes them dangerous to adjust. If your door’s springs are out of adjustment, do not attempt to work on them yourself. Call a qualified garage door contractor.

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