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Garage Door Industry Needs their Watch Dogs

Tracking down immoral and illegal companies and individuals in the garage door industry is by no means the responsibility of an individual or a few.

It should be a concerted effort by all those who participate in our industry. Manufacturers, suppliers, professional installers and industry media groups, each need to participate in the responsibility.

Just because the economy has taken a tumble should not give way to being sympathetic to companies and individuals who take advantage of the current climate and promote themselves in much fairer light. They do this through unfair practices, deceiving advertising and marketing practices, misappropriating resources on the internet and manipulating the media.

There are many in this industry who have invested their personal resources to mold it into what it is today. To have individuals and companies make such unsubstantiated claims, exemplifies little or no respect to anyone else associated with the industry. We can only hope that those who truly care continue to be the protectors and watchdogs of the industry.

We’re just saying.

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