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Garages That Say, `Welcome Home, Cars’

When the car became the dominant means of transport in this country, every new house of any size had to have a garage.

Many if not most of these garages were given a prominent front-row spot – they faced the street. The phrase “attached garage” was a price booster. To be able to walk straight to it from the kitchen without braving the elements was a sign of arriviste luxury.

Often necessitated by lot size, a garage door dominates. Even when it’s not protruding, but set flush in the structure’s front, it manages to draw the eye, to make you look at – because they are closed most of the time – blank walls. The house becomes a backdrop.

“Welcome home, cars,” seems to be the greeting. Here’s the problem: Our cars are bigger and our garages are bigger. Most of our garages face the street so you can’t miss them. Bulky, boring garages make houses look bad and cheap. In certain neighborhoods, the homes look so much alike that the only way to find your house is to use the garage-door opener and see which one goes up.

There is a need to make the front elevation of the home inviting, and not a moment too soon, for communities that could fairly be described as a vast wasteland of ugly garages. Adding distinctive architectural styling to the garage, simply, can add curbside drama.

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Photos: Garage Door Art

For murals and alley art, San Francisco’s Mission District really is the central hub of activity. One could put together a very interesting art walk centralized around the massive amount of color, expression and creativity found on garage doors. Here’s a gallery of garage doors photographed by Joseph Schell



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Wood Garage Door Care

Woodie Plank

If you have a wood garage door, you’re probably pleased with the natural look it gives your home. To keep it looking nice, you need to maintain it. This ensures that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon or pay for major repairs, as regular maintenance can keep it looking nice and functioning properly.

To keep your product looking its best, you should make sure it is sealed to protect it from UV rays and extreme weather. If it has panels, you will need to apply acrylic latex caulking to the insides. This should be done before applying the sealant, and before painting or staining it. If you do decide to add color, you will probably need to reapply the paint or stain about every two years; otherwise the color will appear faded.

The maintenance does not just apply to the door’s appearance. You will need to inspect the rollers, springs, hinges, and other parts annually. This will ensure it works properly. If everything is not balanced or in proper working order, your wood garage door will need to be repaired or replaced much earlier than if you had checked its working parts every year. You will know it is not balanced if it is difficult to open by hand, or leans to one side when halfway open.

A common ailment for doors is for them to warp or sag, and extreme cold or hot weather only helps this along. You can prevent such damage by providing proper ventilation in the garage.

If you don’t think you will have the time to keep up the required maintenance for your wooden covering, consider buying a steel carriage style door. It offers the same classic appearance, but needs much less upkeep than the real product.

However, if you commonly take part in home improvement projects, and do not mind working outside, a real wooden door might be for you. As long as you continually keep up maintenance on your wooden covering, you should not have to make large repairs for years, which is why many homeowners are happy with their wood garage door.

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Graffiti-Style Art and Garage Doors

An elite form of self-expression and cultural movement known as graffiti has often found garage doors to be the favorite choice of canvas.

The act of writing on walls has been occurring since the beginning of humans but it wasn’t until around 30 years ago that graffiti became a lifestyle, movement and culture. The purposes of graffiti is to be a visual language that is meant to be heard but not understood by everyone, and to be a form of self-expression that people can use to express any perspective common to them.

Now, most people don’t want some idiot spray painting his name on their garage door. On the other hand, if the “artist” does a mural then that’s perhaps a different story. I’ve seen a few murals that were done with spray can/urban art/graffiti style in the Mission District located in San Francisco, California which was pretty cool.

Here are a few samples.


Aztec Warrior

Early Calif

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Overhead Garage Door = Curb Appeal

In most cases, the overhead garage door simply refers to garage doors that move up and overhead as they open. There are many companies that have a long history in offering and producing the overhead garage door, allowing the customers to select and customize their own garage designs with ease and comfort. This type of attention to individual detail has made the garage door industry diverse with all sorts of colorful and playful options for your garage that will match and augment your home with a tremendous array of style distinctions.

With the right overhead garage door, you can change the way your home appears. This is known as curb appeal. There are a lot of options for garage doors that could offer a whole new look to your home. The choice is yours and the design of your overhead garage door will simply come down to what you prefer and what you do not want.


An overhead garage door can, and will, enhance your home in many ways.

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I need a garage door… so where do I start?

In search for a new garage door?

Have no idea where to start?

Consider this before your purchase.

The Material of the Door

Garage doors are usually made out of a variety of materials: wood, steel, fiber glass, aluminum, composite and vinyl (the best being an all steel door). Each material has different patterns or styles that can be applied to it. Make sure when choosing the material that you are aware of their perks and disadvantages.

The Style of the Door

The Carriage style: The carriage style is a sort of old meets new design. It is a fusion of the old style look from the late 80’s with the latest innovations on garage door construction.

The Modern Style: This style is for those who like to mix and match things, a testament to their contemporary style.

One-of-a- Kind or Custom Style: Choose your own. Be creative, be artistic, but most of all, be realistic. This style is for those who want to have that unique look to match their exceptional taste. It will allow you to create the best garage door to
your liking.

The Maintenance

Some garage doors require more maintenance as compared to others. Make sure that have this in mind when choosing your materials, style and design.

The best garage door does exist. It is just a matter of thinking of what works for you.

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Garage door windows can add decorative appeal

Want to add style to your garage door? A simple solution is to add windows.

Steelhouse Garage Door from First United Door Technologies

Steelhouse Garage Door from First United Door Technologies

Garage door windows are typically small and located at the highest section of the door. That way these windows can allow a natural lighting to the inside of your garage without allowing anyone to see inside. Most importantly, adding windows can make your garage door unique. Garage door windows can add to the decorative appeal of the entire front of your home.

Steelhouse Garage Door from First United Door Technologies

Steelhouse Garage Door from First United Door Technologies


Enhancing your home’s curb appeal will have the neighbors staring and can even increase your home’s overall value. You can even find custom windows that harmonize with the rest of the window and door styles of your home.

Steelite Garage Door from First United Door Technologies

Steelite Garage Door from First United Door Technologies


There are so many varieties available… you should be able to find exactly what you want for your home.


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Bigger, Bolder Garage Doors

Unlike the drab and purely functional spaces of yesteryear, today’s garages are becoming as elaborate and versatile as any finished living area in the home. Along with the tendency toward greater square footage, garages represent more things to more people: a recreation room, a fitness center, a home theater, and a convenient place to park the car or motor home.

Now that the once-humble garage has become an expression of the homeowner’s personality and style of the house, it’s time to give it the face it deserves: a stylish, beautiful door. Not only will it provide all-essential curb appeal, a better door can generally pay for itself by increasing a builder’s profit margin and, in the case of spec homes, attracting more buyer attention.
The most striking innovation in this arena is the steel carriage-style door. All-steel carriage doors are taking hold of the public imagination.


Unique styling options are available to make even the most ordinary steel garage door an attractive, well-integrated element of a home’s exterior. The range of possibilities in styles now provides homeowners with more flexibility than ever before in coordinating exteriors by architectural design. One thing is certain. The garage door will never again be the boring, blank canvas it once was.

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