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Garage doors aren’t boring anymore: They’re part of an integrated home design

Garage door designs have become much more than the plain, cookie cutter styles.

Garage doors take inspiration from a variety of sources – from the American farmhouse to a European design. As garages play a bigger role in home design — with three-car garages practically standard in some neighborhoods — the doors are changing, too.

Gone are the days of the architecturally bland, cookie-cutter garage doors. Such doors have been replaced with ones that look like entrances to old carriage houses, barns, even castles. The doors boast leaded-glass windows, raised panels and an assortment of decorative hardware. And though they may look like doors that swing open, they roll up with an automatic opener.

A lot more attention is being given to the design and appearance of the interior of a garage, and that draws attention to the garage door. An attached garage represents a minimum of 30 percent of the visual portion of a home, depending on where the garage is facing. In the majority of homes, it faces the street. Yet, traditionally, doors were plain, cookie-cutter garage doors. They were functional and safe but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the overall home.

That’s changing. Now you can find doors that better complement a home’s design, whether it offers Old World charm or contemporary styling. There is new stuff all the time as the industry realizes how much curb appeal a garage door adds. Carriage-house doors were some of the most popular on the market. People want the garage door to match the entry door or to pick up on the home’s windows or gables on the house. Now you can make them more distinct and more personalized.

Most people use their garage doors to enter their homes every day — while rarely using the front entry. Steel is the biggest seller, popular because of its low maintenance and its warranties.

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Photos: Garage Door Art

For murals and alley art, San Francisco’s Mission District really is the central hub of activity. One could put together a very interesting art walk centralized around the massive amount of color, expression and creativity found on garage doors. Here’s a gallery of garage doors photographed by Joseph Schell



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Wood Garage Door Care

Woodie Plank

If you have a wood garage door, you’re probably pleased with the natural look it gives your home. To keep it looking nice, you need to maintain it. This ensures that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon or pay for major repairs, as regular maintenance can keep it looking nice and functioning properly.

To keep your product looking its best, you should make sure it is sealed to protect it from UV rays and extreme weather. If it has panels, you will need to apply acrylic latex caulking to the insides. This should be done before applying the sealant, and before painting or staining it. If you do decide to add color, you will probably need to reapply the paint or stain about every two years; otherwise the color will appear faded.

The maintenance does not just apply to the door’s appearance. You will need to inspect the rollers, springs, hinges, and other parts annually. This will ensure it works properly. If everything is not balanced or in proper working order, your wood garage door will need to be repaired or replaced much earlier than if you had checked its working parts every year. You will know it is not balanced if it is difficult to open by hand, or leans to one side when halfway open.

A common ailment for doors is for them to warp or sag, and extreme cold or hot weather only helps this along. You can prevent such damage by providing proper ventilation in the garage.

If you don’t think you will have the time to keep up the required maintenance for your wooden covering, consider buying a steel carriage style door. It offers the same classic appearance, but needs much less upkeep than the real product.

However, if you commonly take part in home improvement projects, and do not mind working outside, a real wooden door might be for you. As long as you continually keep up maintenance on your wooden covering, you should not have to make large repairs for years, which is why many homeowners are happy with their wood garage door.

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Pimp Your Garage!

If you’re tired out vehicle is lowering the character of your home, why not pretend it’s actually a swish, supersonic jet? Thanks to a German firm, you can now “pimp your garage” with one of their life-like 3D door designs. From a distance, the illusions, printed on tarpaulin, might even fool the neighbors into thinking you’ve traded in your motor for a FI racer, a yacht – or even an elephant.

In fact, these utterly realistic images are printed on plastic sheets which are stuck on garage doors – the latest craze for homeowners. The weather and fire-resistant prints are designed to disguise that boring garage door. Held in place by industrial strength Velcro, they are easy to change and virtually indestructible.

The fashion started in Germany and is now being taken up all over Europe. It’s certainly quite a lot cheaper than a real sports car or a jet fighter. And for the more imaginative customer, creator Thomas Sassenbach (www.styleyourgarage.com) will customize any image on request.

Now, has anyone seen the pet crocodile today?


Formula One

The Beach

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Door Prize

A garage door’s worth in increasing home values


If you look at the history of building over the last 20 years, there has been too much similarity in basic rooflines and elevations from community to community. From coast to coast, city officials are demanding changes on the design of the elevations in new projects. Home Builders, who faced the competing demands of limited lot sizes and buyers who wanted spacious garages, were left in a bind.

Once designed for function only, garage doors today can turn a dull expanse into an architectural statement. Working actively to create strong curb appeal and diversity, builders, architects and municipalities are aggressively specifying steel carriage doors for their projects. In fact, architects are designing more and more communities in the neotraditional style using nostalgic elements creating strong curb appeal. The character of a carriage house door fits the style which also enhances the home’s appearance. If the garage is going to cover a large percentage of the house, why not have something better-looking?

Today’s carriage house doors look attractively retro, helping us to recall the charm of that turn-of-the-century swinging barn-door style, but open overhead like any other modern sectional garage door. The door has created true excitement in the building community. With a reputation for their beauty, functionality and durability, their worth in increasing home values is the ultimate “door prize”.

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