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The Garage Door and the Broken Spring

If you think you have a garage door broken spring you should know for certain because generally when a garage door broken spring happens you may have to open you garage door manually.

Hopefully you know where the manual override is located so you can open you garage door manually.

If your garage door broken spring happens you may also have other problems with your garage door. This is a good time to call your garage door service company and schedule an inspection of your garage doors and also have them repair the broken spring. They may have to replace both springs. Just because one garage door spring breaks it doesn’t necessarily mean the other one is bad but since they have both been on there for the same length of time it is probable that the other spring has fatigue and may break soon. You don’t need to take that chance. Just have both garage door springs replaced or however many garage doors you have and then only pay for one service call.

A garage door itself can last for a long time. If it is metal it can be repainted if it begins to look tired. A wood garage door may have problems sooner because the weather will make a wood door swell and shrink unlike a metal garage door. But a metal garage door can also encounter problems. A metal garage door has working metal parts. When metal works and is used and has strain on it and has to carry weight thousands of times then the garage door parts may start to wear out. So having your garage doors inspected once in a while by a garage door service company is a good idea.

When a garage door service company checks out your garage door they may look at the hinges that make the garage door roll up. They will check out the light sensors to make sure they are working properly. They will also check how easily your garage door rolls up or operates. If it is uneven they will make the necessary repairs. This may be as simple as oiling the bearings or adjusting the chain pulley if the door has one. They will also check out your garage door openers and may even replace the batteries in them if they can.

At some point you may decide to freshen up the outside of your home. You can do this by calling your local garage door company and looking at replacing your garage door. Since you have a lot of choices for styles and looks of garage doors you can really change how the outside of your home looks for very little money as compared to remodeling your entire home.

A properly operating garage door is a safe operating garage door. If a garage door spring or tension bar breaks it only takes a second or two for it to come crashing to the ground. So an annual or bi-annual inspection is a good idea.

Garage Door. Garage Door Springs.

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Up and down. Down and up. Day in. Day out. Double time on weekends.

Your garage door, typically the largest and heaviest moving object in your home, works without any complaints and is at your command with the press of a button. Give it some attention.

Regular garage door maintenance should be done once a year. Getting a professional who looks at all the bearings and springs and just makes sure its operating properly is the thing to do. Usually this amounts to minor adjustment on the torsion shaft bearings. Then the homeowner can lubricate the bearings about every three months since it’s so dry here.

Homeowners should always listen to their garage doors. Once the door is operating properly, it should move up and down quietly and efficiently. There should be no added noise. Any unusual noise probably means something is wrong.

Besides making it easy to get in and out of your home, automatic garage doors are a safety investment. If you have to get out of your car to open the garage, you’re exposing yourself to anybody who is outside. If you drive in, you simply close the door behind you. All garage door openers today are random rotators which means it rotates to a new code each time. So every time you press the button, it’s a new code. Even if someone gets your code, it has already rotated to a new one and there are a billion codes.

Garage doors have become larger on newer homes (from 7 feet high to 8 feet to accommodate sport utility vehicles) have better insulation and have become Internet savvy.

You can go anywhere in the world and check if your garage door is open or closed. For instance, if you leave the house and inadvertently leave the door open, it will send a text message to your cell phone saying your garage door is open. You can text back telling it to close.

Homeowners need to learn how to release and raise the door manually. It’s also highly suggested that when dealing with someone who is about to repair your garage door make sure all work is inclusive and that all the work is included in the total price. The work should not be an a la carte menu. Call around and compare apples to apples.

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A Great Fix-Up Starts with your Garage Door

What’s the one home fix-up project that takes only a couple of hours and yields the biggest bang for the buck of any exterior home renovation?

Here’s a clue: This project adds style, energy efficiency and security to your home and the preparation is easy and mess free – all you need is an Internet connection and a telephone. For most people, the answer does not immediately come to mind: it’s a stylish new garage door.

Think about it. If your house has an attached garage, the garage door may comprise more than one-third of your home’s front facade. If that home is more than five years old, your garage door probably is a solid colored, raised-panel door that looks like every other garage door in the neighborhood.

A new door, quickly and correctly installed by a local professional, will differentiate your home and add style, value and curb appeal. The hottest new style in garage doors is the carriage house design. It’s available in steel, wood or composite materials and in many price ranges.

A garage door is an important home improvement project. It is typically the first thing people notice when they pull into your driveway or pass your house. Doors also offer protection against severe weather and theft, help you save money on heating bills and substantially increase the appearance and value of your home.

A nationwide poll of realtors revealed more than 71 percent felt a new garage door added to the value of a home, even adding as much as four percent of the selling price. That means $10,000 on a $250,000 home, which is a huge deal for people wanting to sell now during a difficult real estate market.

Call a professional for installation. After only a few hours of the pro’s work, you’ll get a stunning home makeover that will make you proud every time you pull in your driveway.

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Garage Doors & Raccoons

When seen in profile, a raccoon looks like a question mark laid on its side.

But then, everything about raccoons is in the realm of the questionable. What, for instance, do they think they are?

They have a fox’s snout, a monkey’s paws, a cat’s tail. They have appetites as ravenous and as indiscriminate as a dog’s. Their eyes have the pleading quality of a dog’s, too, and can be just as heart melting, if they’re in the mood. They are as cute as all get out, but have needle teeth that when bared give you the heebie-jeebies. They’re as brazen as beggars and as shy as thieves, and they believe themselves to be invisible, even in the daytime, when they do not so much as stroll to where they’re going as insinuate themselves there. (Animals cause humans to react in many ways -with fear, wonder, often love -but raccoons are one of the few that inspire suspicion. I see them slink by with that humpy gait and all I think is, “Okay, what the hell are you up to?”) They exist somewhere on the boundary between civilization and wilderness, and live easily in either.

And, they are pretty smart. There’s the story of a raccoon that was bedeviling a homeowner by always managing to find a way into his house. The homeowner could not understand how the raccoon kept on getting in, until one day he saw it for himself: The raccoon had learned how to push the button on the automatic garage door opener.

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Is your garage door chipping and flaking?

When you begin to notice the paint on your garage door is chipping and flaking apart, it is time for a new paint job. If left untreated, a garage door exposed to the elements can take on rain water and become warped from the hot sun. When the wood is compromised, it deteriorates. Soon the entire door structure weakens and replacement will become necessary. Though it is a fair amount of work, repainting your garage door can save you a lot of money down the road. Plus a new paint job brightens up your garage and adds to the overall value of your home.

The first step is to wash off the dust and paint chips. Some people prefer a power washer for this part because it is quicker and very efficient. Other people prefer using a hose to keep water penetration down to a minimum. The door will need some surface preparation. There are many types of exterior cleaners available that will help remove the stains and mildew. At the very least, a 1:4 solution of bleach and water should be used. Use a wire brush to remove the chipping paint. This is probably the most labor intensive part of the job but it is very important. The new paint needs a firm surface to adhere to otherwise it will quickly flake and peel off. Allow the treated and scrubbed surface to completely dry. A weekend with sunny weather should do the trick. Now inspect the wood for cracks. Fill the cracks with a good, exterior caulk and sand them smooth. Now you are ready to start painting.

When painting the door, you may need to do it in steps to cover the edges and other parts exposed when the door opens and closes. If your garage has windows, now is the time to cover them. Though removing paint from glass is easy with a razor blade, this step can save time later. Primer is very important in any paint job but even more so on exterior surfaces. Primer protects not only the wood, but also the paint itself. Wood is a highly absorbent material. If it leaks moisture from the paint, the paint will pucker and peel. Primer creates an even, waterproof surface for the paint to stick to. Allow your primer at least 24 hours in sunny weather to dry properly. If the primer feels sticky, it is not dry. If it is dry, apply your first coat of paint. Allow this to dry for at least 24 hours. Now you can add your final coat of paint and you are done.

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Easier Way to Access Your Garage

Garage door keypads are used as an easier way to access the opening and closing of your garage door. It’s easily mounted, usually near the door, to be there whenever you will need it. But don’t worry, not everyone will be able to use it. Only those that know 4 digit security code can enter garage. Garage door keypad can be changed anytime as you want. Some garage door keypads have room for more security codes, so everyone in your household can have his own unique security code.

The best garage door keypads even have a function that will allow you to set a temporary security code that can be used only for certain numbers of time or for certain period time. You can use this temporary code for your repairman or any other one who need to enter your garage while you are not at home.

If you want to add garage door keypad to your opener or your old keypad doesn’t work anymore and you need replacement, you should think about getting an universal garage door keypad. Universal garage door keypads were made to work with most of mayor garage door opener brands. But not all universal keypads will work with any opener. Most of the universal keypad have a problem working with older models of garage door openers. So before you go and buy universal garage door keypad, make sure it will work with your garage door opener.

One of the best universal garage door keypads is Liftmaster’s universal keypad. It will work with 99% of garage door openers. It’s very easy to program it with its smart learning button and comes with a bright, backlit keypad that is very easy to see in the dark.

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That Annoying Garage Door Noise!

Why is my garage door so noisy? It’s so annoying!

Your garage door is made up of an intricate system of pulleys, cables, gears, and springs, so there are many parts that can cause the door to make noise. Some of these are easily fixed, and some require the services of a trained garage door technician.

First, you need to identify the type of opener you own: screw drive, chain drive, or belt drive. Chain drive doors are noisy. Period. This doesn’t make them a bad choice. Chain drive doors are relatively inexpensive, long-lasting, and reliable in extreme climates. Regular lubrication will lessen the noise, but it’s not going to go away. Screw drive doors are less noisy early but become as noisy as chain drive doors over time. A belt drive door is quiet when it’s working properly.

If the door is not balanced, it can become noisy, or it can even stop operating. You can check the balance of the door by pulling the red emergency release cord and operating the door manually. Raise the door manually about halfway, and then release it. If it is properly balanced, it will have little movement. If it is unbalanced, it will begin to fall. Typically, worn springs are the problem. Extension springs, which run along the sides of the door, can easily be replaced by the homeowner. Torsion springs, which run along the top of the door, need to be handled with care. You probably need to call a professional garage door repair service.

A simple problem to fix is a hinge. If the noise you hear is a squeak, oiling the hinges may be the solution. Do you hear a grinding noise? This could mean a bent gear and sprocket and they would need to be replaced. The gear and sprocket are located inside the main console. Unless you know a lot about machinery, you will probably need to call a professional garage door repair service. If you opt to do the job yourself, make sure you unplug the unit!

If you hear a ticking sound, a loud ticking sound, the problem is probably worn bearings, either in the pulley or the rollers. You need to replace the bearings. Make sure you know how to do this as you could become seriously injured.

Possibly, the coils of the springs have become bent and are rubbing against each other. If this is the problem, you will hear a grating noise. The spring must be replaced. Refer to the third paragraph regarding torsion springs and extension springs.

If you decide to do the work on the door yourself, be extremely careful. A garage door is a heavy piece of equipment that can cause damage to people and property if it is not handled with knowledge and caution.

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Garage Door Safety Measures

How often do you think about your garage door other than to push the remote button to open or close it as you come home or head out?

Automatic garage doors are designed to be as simple for you to use as pushing a single button and the door opens or shuts. With keyless entry systems, your children can come home from school to a locked house and quickly get in the house by entering the code, rather than having to worry about taking care of a key all day long. You have the convenience of pressing the button, waiting a moment while the door opens and driving your car into the garage to unload your groceries.

You may not realize that there are safety measures built into garage doors. However, if your doors are not properly adjusted, they may not work properly and could possibly cause damage or injury. If the door were to suddenly close without the button being pressed, you can imagine the problems that it could create.

Even though we often take garage doors for granted, we should teach our children to be careful around them and never let small children play with the remote opening devices. It is never a good idea to push the button and then run out of the garage, beating it before it closes; that sets a poor example for the children.

The best thing to do is to lead by example and wait until the door is either fully open or closed before getting close to it. One of the most important safety measures utilized by garage doors is the safety sensor system. This system sends a beam of light from one sensor to the other. When the beam is broken, the door does not continue to shut. This helps you keep your kids and pets safe, because if a small child were to cross the path of the garage door when it was closing and it did not stop, you could have some serious injuries.

It is a good idea to check your manual on how to care for these sensors, but the most important thing is to keep the clean of dust, dirt, and cobwebs, and to occasionally check their alignment. If you have ever pressed the button to shut the door and just got a blinking light rather than a shutting door, you know that something is in the way of the security beam and you can check out the problem and remove it before proceeding.

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Friday Funny: Garage Doors Can Talk!

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