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Remember safety this summer

Winter and spring lockdown has finally released us from the confines of cool weather. Homeowners are into the swing of summer. We wait all year for good weather summer holidays and travel.

Let’s face it, we all feel a little more relaxed during the summer months. Neighbors come out of hibernation to reacquaint themselves, barbeques are fired up and family get-togethers become common practice. We throw open windows and doors and invite the long awaited summer breeze into our homes. It’s also the time of year when we’re not as vigilant about our home security. Burglars breeze in and out of homes at record levels as well during the summer because of sloppy home security practices.

Unfortunately summer brings with it a relaxed mindset when it comes to home security. Homeowners tend to leave doors unlocked during the summer months more than any other time of year. It’s a time when unsupervised overhead garage doors are left open for extenuating periods of time. You also see more ladders and tools left outside often until summer projects are complete.

We also spend more time in our backyards relaxing in lawn chairs worshipping the sun enjoying quite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Burglars tend to capitalize on “backyard livers” by breaking into the front of the house, so make sure you have your garage door secured as well as all windows and doors at the front of your home when you’re entertaining in your backyard this summer.

We often don’t have a schedule during the summer months. Daytime family outings are more prevalent and often pop up unexpectedly creating a security risk as well. Homeowners often decide at the last minute to head to the beach or water park with little time given to securing their home. Often in their rush they forget to secure their home properly and may discover a few things missing upon their return.

If you keep your home security radar switched on this summer, you should have a crime free season. So make sure your home’s exterior doors, garage doors and sheds are secured with deadbolts and all valuables are locked up and secured and out of view of windows.

If you take the opportunity away, you can reduce crime tremendously. So keep your wits about you this summer and always keep your home security top of mind.

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