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Download Your Garage Door Opener Owner’s Manual

You’re sitting there in front of your computer perhaps looking for answers about your garage door opener. What better time to find your opener’s owner’s manual online and download it to your computer.


  1. Easily Accessible When You Need It.
    It is surprising how few people keep the original garage door opener owner’s manual that came with their operator.
  2. May only be Available for a Limited Time.
    The older your operator becomes, the more difficult it is to find the correct manual. You may not be able to find one anywhere.
  3. Troubleshooting Guide.
    You can solve a number of problems by referring to the owner’s manuals’ troubleshooting guide. You may be able to solve your problems without calling for help.
  4. Illustrated Parts List.
    Helps you identify parts when you need replacements.
  5. Programming Instructions.
    Your owner’s manual contains programming instructions for your remote, control panel, and keyless or wireless/keyless keypad.
  6. Maintenance Guide.
    Manufacturer’s recommended monthly maintenance can extend the life of your garage door opener.
  7. Adjustments
    Opening force, closing force: How do you make these adjustments so they do not become a danger to children, pets, and others. The door will not open if opening force is set too low (could be problems with the door itself). If closing force is not set high enough your door will not close. If set too high you could be responsible for someone getting hurt.
  8. Installation Instructions.
    I often get inquiries from visitors that seem to have misplaced their installation guide even before they have installed their garage door opener. Others may have acquire a unit which for some reason did not include the installation manual.
  9. Needed Tools for Installation.
    Show and tell for the tools you will need to install your operator.
  10. Warranty Information.
    Your garage door opener owner’s manual ends with a copy of the units’ warranty. It tells how long the motor is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. How long are parts covered by warranty? It’s in the manual.

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Going Shopping

Here are some factors to consider when buying a new garage door.

• Budget. Like everything, budget dictates options. Garage doors range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size, materials and design you choose. Even if you have a small budget you can still get a great looking door that is going to enhance the look of the house.

Design. Think of the garage as an extension of the home’s theme, not an afterthought. Let the home’s architectural style, the shape and size of the windows and entry doors, and exterior design details influence the design of the garage door.

It’s a good idea to visit dealer showrooms and review manufacturer Web sites to get a sense of the options available. Many companies offer doors pre-designed to match specific architectural styles, which can make the selection process easier.

• Insulation. Doors can be insulated or non-insulated. If the garage is attached to the house you’ll want an insulated door. This will help reduce utility bills – a popular selling point with prospective buyers. If you live in a mild climate or have a detached garage that will only be used to park the car, you can opt for a less expensive, non-insulated door.

Upkeep. Maintenance is another consideration. Steel doors are very durable and virtually maintenance-free, but some people prefer the warmth and character of wood and the limitless design options. Depending on the climate and exposure, wood doors will need to be painted or stained every few years.

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Why Didn’t It Close?

Everyone’s finally dressed and ready to leave. You back the car out, hit the remote, and you’re off. Until you realize the garage door hasn’t gone down. You reluctantly pull back into the driveway, brow furrowing in frustration. It happens to everyone. Many homeowners don’t even realize they left it open until they return home.

Why didn’t it close? Garage doors usually fail to close as a result of the safety sensors being blocked. They’re located on each side of the opening, no more than a foot or so off the ground. Typically, each will have a small light that stays lit when everything is going well. If either of the lights are out, simply move whatever is blocking the sensor (sometimes even cobwebs/small debris can cause safety sensors to malfunction) or adjust them so that they are pointing at each other again. You can move these around by hand if they’ve been knocked out of alignment.

If you’re still stuck at home, make sure nothing is blocking the path of the door. This can be a common cause for service calls on garage doors. Always use caution when operating your door, but be extra cautious when it’s not working correctly. It’s the probably the largest, heaviest piece of machinery in the house. The counter balance system of the door is under extreme pressure, and when it doesn’t work properly, it can be dangerous. Many people have been injured or even killed by garage doors, some of them professionals. If your garage door is sitting crooked in the opening, has come off the tracks, or is not working properly, call a professional repair company immediately.

If the door works but the opener still won’t close it, there are a couple more things to try before calling a professional. Try using the wall button instead of the remote or keyless entry. It’s possible the remote’s batteries are dead, or the opener’s lock function has been enabled. If the garage door itself is working properly, you can pull the manual release on the opener. This will let you close the door manually, although the opener won’t be locking it shut the way it normally would.

Some openers have an indicator light that can help troubleshoot any problems. Again, you’ll need your owner’s manual for your opener. Many can be found online by doing a quick search for your make and model number. You can find the model and manufacturer on the back of the opener.

If all else fails, it may be time to call a pro. Some companies will be able to give an estimate on probable repairs over the phone, so let them know what steps you may have already taken. Call a few different companies to ensure their numbers are competitive. Since openers have an expected life span of about 10 years, it might also be a good idea to check prices for new openers, instead of repairing an older model. Newer models will also have more up to date security features.

For more information about garage door openers, click here: Openers

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Friday Funny

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Remember safety this summer

Winter and spring lockdown has finally released us from the confines of cool weather. Homeowners are into the swing of summer. We wait all year for good weather summer holidays and travel.

Let’s face it, we all feel a little more relaxed during the summer months. Neighbors come out of hibernation to reacquaint themselves, barbeques are fired up and family get-togethers become common practice. We throw open windows and doors and invite the long awaited summer breeze into our homes. It’s also the time of year when we’re not as vigilant about our home security. Burglars breeze in and out of homes at record levels as well during the summer because of sloppy home security practices.

Unfortunately summer brings with it a relaxed mindset when it comes to home security. Homeowners tend to leave doors unlocked during the summer months more than any other time of year. It’s a time when unsupervised overhead garage doors are left open for extenuating periods of time. You also see more ladders and tools left outside often until summer projects are complete.

We also spend more time in our backyards relaxing in lawn chairs worshipping the sun enjoying quite breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Burglars tend to capitalize on “backyard livers” by breaking into the front of the house, so make sure you have your garage door secured as well as all windows and doors at the front of your home when you’re entertaining in your backyard this summer.

We often don’t have a schedule during the summer months. Daytime family outings are more prevalent and often pop up unexpectedly creating a security risk as well. Homeowners often decide at the last minute to head to the beach or water park with little time given to securing their home. Often in their rush they forget to secure their home properly and may discover a few things missing upon their return.

If you keep your home security radar switched on this summer, you should have a crime free season. So make sure your home’s exterior doors, garage doors and sheds are secured with deadbolts and all valuables are locked up and secured and out of view of windows.

If you take the opportunity away, you can reduce crime tremendously. So keep your wits about you this summer and always keep your home security top of mind.

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Keep The Door To Your Castle In Good Shape

Garage doors are an important part of your home. They tend to take a great deal of abuse while protecting your family’s vehicles and all the other tools or valuables you have stored away.

Hockey and baseball players need a target for their shots and throws, and where better than the garage door? All this endless thumping only makes the wear and tear on the door to your garage progressively worse.

Your garage door can increase or decrease the value of your property and your home’s curb appeal, based on how well it functions or how attractive it is. It may even become a great liability or a serious nuisance if it is not fully functional. Take a close look at your garage door. Perhaps it is time to seek out a garage door service company for repair, a new door spring, or a complete replacement.

A door that is not functioning properly is a danger and a liability. An average one is likely to weigh three hundred to six hundred pounds. If this falls on a person or an automobile, it can leave quite an impression. Lessening the dangers of a garage door malfunction is the ideal if you want to protect your family, friends, and pets. Cutting corners by doing nothing could eventually cost you more than the value of your home in a lawsuit.

Since the garage door moves by being hoisted onto metal rails up to often ten feet in the air, it can potentially be deadly. If the garage door spring breaks or goes off track, it is possible that the device could fail to stay up and fall to the ground without warning. Having six hundred pounds of metal land on a friend or relative, could cause a lawsuit being filed against you. It is urgent that you find a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced garage door service company to fix any mechanical problems.

Seriously consider when to pay for a garage door repair versus when to replace it. Of course, repair costs less than a replacement. However, if the repair is not done properly, or the door is too far gone, it can end up being a waste of time and money. There are some parts that can be simply repaired.

The door spring is simple to fix, but does require an expert because of the danger involved. Don’t ever try to make this repair yourself. Other examples of reparable problems include broken cables, garage door opener malfunctions, or broken cables and rollers. A door off of its tracks can be adjusted and made to work as good as new.

The key to knowing when to replace the entire door or when to have a repair done is having a trustworthy garage door service company to consult with. Have experts come to evaluate the problems and weaknesses in your system. Allow them to determine if a section replacement is enough or if a new door should be installed. Whatever you decide, be sure to choose an attractive paint color to add beauty to your castle.

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My Door Won’t Open! Arrrrg!

You wake up early ready to go to work only to find out that you cannot get to your car and the reason behind it is that the garage door doesn’t open. Eventually, the door opens but it cannot open fully, you must push it quite hard to provide way for your car. If you have enough strength, you could succeed but if you are not, all you can do is go find some help. This is why you should ensure that your garage door repair is well done to avoid such inconveniences.

One of the best ways you can ensure that the repair is well done is by seeking service repair from a remarkable service provider. However, remarkable services do not come in handy. They must be sought after and their credibility researched. Seek information that will lead you to the best service providers from the internet and referrals.

Know what this entails and you will know what to expect from the repair. Usually this consists of the opener and the door itself. Whether their operation is based on a spring tension, swing up as one piece of roll in sections, they all operate under a similar mechanism. They move on the metal tracks present on the walls whereby power is provided by a heavy spring.

You find that the units need fixing when they become loose. You can ascertain this by checking metal tracks present inside the units. All you need to check is whether the mounting brackets holding tracks on the garage wall are loose. The services you get should leave the screws and bolts tightened.

To ascertain that the work is completely done, check the alignment of the tracks. You should ensure that the horizontal tacks slant slightly toward the back of the unit. The tracks should also be of the same height. If they are not well aligned, the service provider should remove the bolts or screws holding the mounting brackets so as to tap track into position. On this, you should not take any chances.

The openers are also fundamental when it comes to security measures. A typical opener comprise of reversible motor used to drive a carriage beside the rail positioned above the opening. A drawbar attached on the carriage moves the unit closed and opened positions. Modern openers have a radio receiver that enables a person to open the unit by signaling the car through an electronic module.

When fixing, ensure that the manual push button and radio receiver are reinstalled. For the push button, the repairer can uses the ordinary bell wire but you should ensure that it is placed where you can have a view of the operation of the door open immediately you push the door button to avoid delays.

Importantly, you should remember that even though substantial knowledge regarding garage doors repair will help you ascertain that the work has been well done, a well done repair is dependent on credible garage door repair service provider. Seek one and you will avoid inconvenience that might cost you your job or keep you from making a good project deal by getting late and disappointing potential clients.

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Is A Cheaper Garage Door Better?

With the economy affecting nearly everyone today, it’s easy to see where you may want try and save money anyway you possibly can.

However, when it comes to buying cheap garage doors, there are some things you need to be aware of first! If not, you could spend more money than you wanted to for a door that’s much less than what you hoped to get.

Is Cheaper Always Better?

Obviously, the answer is no. For some people, it might be as simple as wanting the more expensive roll of toilet paper and for others, they only want the high end automobile in their garage. Are there cheap garage doors that are still high quality products? You bet! Are they easy to find? No, not always.

Where to Find the Deals

You’ve set out to find a great replacement door for your garage, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. After all, it’s just a piece of vinyl or wood, right? Well, not exactly. You also have to be concerned with safety features, as well. This will be an entrance to your home, so it has to be secure. You certainly don’t want one that some can kick and put their foot through! So, you’ll compromise a little on the security side for a little better price? You don’t have to. There are several places where you can find a model that is safe and secure.

Use your yellow pages or the internet. There are also sites like or that are great resources for companies. You also can use the resources of your local BBB or contractor licensing department for the community you live in. Be sure to always make your purchases from a licensed and insured installation professional.

A Final Thought or Two

Don’t waste your money on cheap garage doors that will only last a year or two. There are many styles, sizes, and manufacturers available and you can find a great deal when you spend some time looking.

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Why Steel Garage Doors Are Always a Good Choice

Recent studies have shown that there is only one type of home improvement you can do on your own that will actually improve the value of your home above and beyond the price that you have paid for it, and those items are steel garage doors. With all other home improvement projects, you will only get a portion of the investment back when you sell your home, but when it comes to steel garage doors, you will get every penny back.

People replace their garage doors for a variety of reasons, but usually it is because they have worn out over time or through overuse, or they have become ruined by the weather or moisture. Of course, there are also those cases when someone drives through a garage door or accidentally bumps it enough to throw it off its tracks and break the structure that is holding it in place.

Whatever your reason for replacing your garage door, you should first think about steel garage doors before choosing any other type.

Why Would You Want Steel?

The main reason why people choose steel is because it is easy to care for. In fact, it takes no caring at all! Unlike wood doors that need to be painted and maintained, steel doors will last for decades without you ever having to do anything to them. They are coated with a sealant that protects them from moisture and if they ever get dirty, you simply hose them off.

The other benefit of steel garage doors is that they can be insulated. For people who live in very hot areas, this is an important benefit since an insulated door will help to keep the hot sun out of the garage, which in turn will keep the entire home’s temperature lower. In the winter time, the same is also true except that the insulation keeps in the heat from the home, essentially lowering the heating bills.

Don’t You Have to Paint It?

Steel doors are made in a variety of colors already so you can choose something that is close to your home’s color, or you could even choose a different color altogether to create something of an accent to your home’s design. However, if you don’t find a door in the exact color that you want or you want to match it to some other feature on your home, you can always paint it yourself. By simply painting your new door with a coat of primer, you will be ready to put on just one coat of paint that should last for years.

Where Should You Buy It?

Most people just leave this decision up to the contractor or installer who is putting in the door, but if you are doing it yourself or you are just looking for a better selection than your local home improvement store has, then you might want to check online. Steel garage doors come in a variety of sizes, strengths, and colors, and you will surely find one that suits your purposes.

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Enhance Your Garage Doors with Windows

Garage doors with windows provide many benefits like providing ample light into the garage in day time so that you don’t have to use electric supply to park your vehicle in the garage or if you have some work to do in your garage.

Allowing natural light in to the garage not just serves to reduce down around the quantity of time the garage lights need to be on, but additionally serves as an essential security precaution. With windows within the doorways, you’ll have the ability to see to change a burned-out light bulb with out stubbing your toe on any with the things your garage might have accumulated.

Garage doors with windows are mostly used by peoples who are looking to add decoration to there garage rather than anything else since this is the first and most important priority though natural light is also important in garage area. Choosing Windows for your garage are some time tricky part.

One of the benefits of garage doors with windows are they take the industrial, monotonous look away from the doorway. They make the garage a more inviting location and provide yet another distinctive solution to customize a home. A variety of windows, such as plain windows, dissected windows, and some distinctive shapes might be obtainable. You can also use windows glasses for your garage to add more elegant and stylish look.

Most likely the most standard time for you to install garage door windows in existing doors is likely to be when they’re getting fixed. Generally, a number of garage door sections will probably require replacing earlier than others do. Rather than acquiring alternative panels, it might be excellent time for you to think about windows for your garage. Another preferred choice is to select garage doors with windows or choices for windows before unit installation. A home-owner may opt for a garage door mainly because it already has windows pre-installed.

Those considering garage door windows must also bear in mind his or her existing garage door opener equipment which might not work effectively on this type of garage door. In some instances, reinforcement will likely be required in order to ensure the garage door functions effectively.

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