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Don’t Forget About Garage Security

When you think about home security you may not think about garage security because you don’t actually live it in.

But a garage is often one of the best ways for the bad guy to break into your home, especially if it’s an attached garage.

Criminals scope out the exterior and seek the path of least resistance. If the garage has an entrance door and a garage door they will determine which is easiest to compromise.

An entrance door that has small windows is easily compromised when a little window near a door lock is smashed and the burglar reaches their hand through and opens the door.

Once they are in the garage they have access to the interior door which is often unlocked. I’ve seen footage of burglars breaking into a garage and using the homeowners own chainsaw to cut through a door or wall to gain access to the home. This method won’t trigger any interior door alarm sensors because the door is never opened.

Garage doors are easy to break into with a coat hanger as demonstrated in this video on YouTube. Another way would simply be to drill a hole thru the door and slide a coat hanger in pulling down on the emergency pull cord.

Both of these tactics can be remedied by installing a zip tie as demonstrated in this YouTube video.

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Make your garage much more than just a place to park your car!

Would you like more liveable space in your home? The simple expedient of insulating and draft proofing your garage door will give you just that. Make your garage much more than just a place to park your car!

A garage really is much more than a car park or at least, an insulated garage has the potential to be much more, especially when one takes into account their proximity to our homes. You wouldn’t let uncomfortable draughts into your home, so why let them into your garage?

Agreed, there is a negative to consider when deciding whether or not to insulate your garage doors. Insulated garage doors cost more to purchase than uninsulated garage doors, but this initial outlay is mitigated over time through the reduction of lost heat and the addition of extra liveable space within your home.

Home Improvement The benefits of having a garage that is insulated including an insulated garage door. We use our garages for everything except maybe parking our cars that is. Garages are great to have because we can get so much use out of them. They give us an extension of our home to work on hobbies like wood working or automotive care or even just a place to hang out to practice the drums, play pool without crowding in the small living room area of the house. But unless your garage is insulated you probably don’t spend much time out there. Lets face it a garage that isn’t insulated against the eleme…

Yes, insulated garage doors do cost a little more, but like anything you do get what you pay for.

For that is the single most important factor to consider when fixing a broken garage door, when replacing an old door or when investing in a brand new garage. If you have not got an insulated garage and your garage is connected to your living space, you will be losing heat from your home. On the flip side, insulating your garage door will help maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature within your garage which is like adding another room to your home, adding value to your property. Furthermore, installing garage door insulation dramatically reduces any street noise. Adding insulation and draft proofing to your garage door decreases the interior negative effects of temperature and noise from outside and adds another liveable room to your property.

Whether you use this extra living space as a rumpus room for the kids, as a hobby room for the adults or as a workshop for the boys, insulating your car parking space leads to one positive after another.

If you don’t mind DIY and your garage door is in good condition, you will be able to purchase a garage door insulation kit. These come in a variety of standard panel sizes. The other option is to simply purchase a new insulated and draft proofed garage door. Fortunately, there are plenty of garage door manufacturers who have realized the potential of garages as living space and have committed themselves to the manufacture of well designed and well insulated garage doors.

Remember that regardless of how well insulated the door itself is, you must take care of the top, bottom and sides as well. It is important to seal all gaps between the garage door and the frame. If your garage door allows in wind or water at its base, purchase a rubber door threshold seal.  A material note for DIY’ers; whilst wood is one of the most charming and workable of potential DIY garage door materials, wooden garage door insulation is essential as you cannot allow any water to penetrate the wood.

Regardless of how you decide to go about accessorizing your own house with an insulated garage door, you can’t go wrong when making more of the available space within your home. Get inspired; your hard work will be rewarded with extra living space in your home. Enjoy!

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