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Maintaining the Garage Door

Whether you have a traditional garage door, or a sectional garage door, you will need to do regular maintenance to keep it working at its best.

Below are some of the ways you can keep your garage door working in great condition.

Check the Operation of the Door

One of the first things you will want to check each time you do maintenance on your garage door, is the actual operation of the garage door itself. Of course, each day you pull in and out of your garage, using your garage door opener, you know that it is working. It goes up and down, as it is supposed to, so it may never occur to you that there still may be a problem or a coming problem at that.

To check the operation properly, you actually want to disable your garage door opener, and check the door manually to see if it is operating appropriately.

Clean Everything

If you need to straighten anything, you want to do that first, but at the same time, you can clean anything that may look like it needs cleaning. Even if you don’t see any visible debris or dirt, it is a good habit to clean the tracks.

Try using an automotive degreaser to get all the dust, grime, and grease that will most likely be present on the tracks themselves. The thing you do want to watch out for is using too much degreaser which in turn will rid of the lubrication the door needs.

After you’ve done a good job cleaning the tracks, you will want to clean the bearings as well. After you have completely cleaned the bearings, using some lubrication to lubricate the wheel bearings. Use a good amount of lubrication while doing this, because this is what lets the door work properly.

Test The Safety Extras

The safety extras are something that should also be checked on a regular basis. One of the most common safety extras on garage doors is the reverse safety. See if any adjustments need to be made to anything in regards to the reverse safety. Simply open the door and set a fairly sizable object, such as a 2×4 in the center of the opening. Push the button to lower the door. If the door stops, and starts going back up at a certain point, your reverse safety should be in good shape, with no adjusting needed. However, if the door continues to shut on, or even close to the object, then that means you will need to do some adjusting to the reverse safety mechanism in your garage door opener.

Above are just some of the routine maintenance that should be done on your garage door. Whether you own a traditional or secitonal garage door, these rules and techniques should be followed to ensure that you have a garage door that opens and shuts appropriately, as well as lasts for a long time.

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