The Story of a Non-Licensed Garage Door Installation

 This is a true story and the names of the individuals have been changed to protect the innocent.

  XYZ Garage Door Service isn’t a store or office-based business. It’s really just a man trying to earn his living via service, repair, and installation of garage doors.

I believe he works out of his home with his wife. When the homeowner hired Mr. Johnson, they knew there was an element of risk involved. He wasn’t licensed, but he had the price they wanted. When he came out to do measurements, answer questions, and give them options, he was extremely nice.

He seemed just like a really good guy. The homeowners hired him and he installed their garage door. He did an okay job, though probably not as good as a licensed contractor would have done.

Their issues with XYZ Garage Door Service, however, were with the follow-up. Part of their agreement with him was that he would haul away the old door and its remnants. He also said he’d be coming back to do a check after a week, to make sure everything was fine. Unfortunately, there was no follow-up.

Numerous, and I do mean numerous, calls were never returned. He did not come and pick up the door and its remnants as promised, and he never showed up to do this check that “he” volunteered that he’d do. They also had an issue with the installation. Again, no calls were returned.

They did manage to get him one time, and still sounding as nice as can be, he gave them a sing song about helping his wife with their children, blah, blah, blah. More promises were made, and they were never kept.

In the end, they chose not to pursue it further. But the problems remain.

No follow-up, unmet promises and failing to honor obligations… worth the price of dealing with an unlicensed garage door installer? Before choosing someone, make sure they’re a licensed contracted and have a good rating in your local Better Business Bureau or be listed as a member of the International Door Association (

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