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Anatomy of the Garage Door

A very important part of a home that is often taken for granted is the garage door.

They protect our belongings from theft and weather, seal our home to keep the temperature regulated and can add a character or curb appeal with the many styles offered today. Although the actual door is the most noticeable part of a garage door system, there are many parts that are essential to the function of a garage door.

The first part and most important is obviously the door panels. Although it one of many parts, it’s what most people think of when they think of a garage door. Most automatic doors are made in panels connected with hinges so they can easily go up the track when being opened. The average door assembly is made up of four to five panels connected to form 1 piece. The modern homeowner has dozens of choices when it comes to the style and material of their door. The most popular material by far is metal, but it can be fabricated to resemble other materials. You can have a metal door that looks like a barn door, a wooden door, or the traditional door with several raised panels. Whatever door you choose, make sure it’s a sturdy design that will hold up to the weather and other elements for several years.

Another very important part of any garage door parts system is the motor that pulls the door up and down. These electric motors typically run at one half to three quarter horsepower depending on the model. When choosing a motor, you must make sure that the motor is suitable for the size and weight of your door and is made for your style of door whether it be belt or chain driven. Other than that, popular options include keyless remote systems and battery backups that will ensure your door works if and when the power goes out.

There are several other parts in the garage door system that plays an important role in the proper function of garage doors. For one, the pulleys are what actually receives power from the motor to lift and lower the door. Each door panel has wheels connected to the side that allow the panel to move up and down in the track. The track runs all the way from the floor to the ceiling and allows the door panel wheels to be held in place during lifting and lowering of the door. Other important parts include the cable drum, torsion spring, strut, cable, extension spring, and panel hinges.

By understanding how the parts of your garage door parts work, you’ll save lots of time and money when it needs repair and what needs to be done. Don’t forget to call a licensed and insured garage door technician.

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