“Take my car, not my garage door!”

Theft statistics are ever present, and no matter how strongly someone feels that it would never happen to them, car theft happens all the time.

It is important that you have your vehicle safely guarded so that it cannot be stolen. Most comprehensive motor insurance policies will stipulate that your vehicle needs to be kept in a locked garage at night in order for the premium to be cheaper.

People may not consider the importance of garage doors, but the fact is that your door will be the number one barrier between your vehicle and a thief. Garage doors can be locked, which is an excellent deterrent for thieves, and is far superior in protecting your vehicle than if you keep it in a covered parking overnight without any walls or doors. Automation is a key component in garage door security. An automatic garage door opener not only adds convenience to your life, but it also increases your safety.

If you can open your garage door without having to exit your vehicle, you are not leaving your vehicle open as an exposed target, and you are also able to ensure there are no suspicious persons lurking nearby. One of the main places where hijackings occur is in a person’s driveway. If you have an automated door, you will be able to ensure your safety.

Another important reason to have a garage door is for aesthetic appeal. This may seem to be a shallow thing to say but it must not be seen as such. A door will make your home look complete and greatly adds to the value of your house. There is something that looks wrong about a garage that does not have a door. Furthermore, the right kind of garage door can make your home look much better!

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