Creative Reuses of a Garage Door, is a site dedicated to environmentally friendly building products, projects and designs. In it, the writer Chris Keenan discusses three unique ways to reuse, or upcycle, an old garage door.

When you buy a new garage door the old one is typically taken away and disposed of in a land fill. While some companies will take the old door and try to refurbish and sell it or will recycle the material, others simply toss it. But there are many creative ways you can re-purpose your garage door.

The article shows how three elements of the garage door can be reused. First, the panels are separated to create frames for a garden or compost pile. Next, the glass panels are used to create a mini greenhouse. In another use, a real-wood door in its entirety is used as a headboard for a bed.

To read the article, click here.


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