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An Overview of Commercial & Industrial Doors

Whether it is a house, business or commercial building, garage doors and bay doors do more than just close off a garage or work area.

They also embellish the appearance of the building, and make a statement about the function of the building and personality of those within. Thus, a tremendous variety of designs have emerged in the garage door industry. They offer a material, function and appearance to fit every application.

Even in the world of commercial business, both the appearance and function of garage doors and bay doors are important. The way a door looks tells a potential intruder that your door is strong, and not easy to break, or it tells a customer that your business is high end and modern. These doors serve to protect what is inside of them, and to open exactly as the business needs them to, whether they need it to open automatically, quickly, or completely out of the way. The variety of doors available in commercial applications can simply boggle even the most brilliant business mind.

Some of the most commonly sought after characteristics of commercial garage doors include heavy insulation, ability to roll up, high open and closure speed and doors capable of sustaining heavy impact. In heavy industry or extremely busy commercial applications, rolling doors, high speed doors, and heavy impact doors all have a place. Rolling doors are excellent options when the door needs to be moved completely out of the way, either overhead or horizontally. Usually made of steel, and often insulated, these doors are a versatile solution for various businesses.

High speed doors come in a variety of types, with the most sought after feature being their ability to open and close quickly. This feature is particularly well suited to exterior applications, where the outside environment makes fast opening and closing a desirable option. Heavy impact doors are the most durable of commercial doors. They are resistant to impact, damage and long lasting in even the most unforgiving of garages and bays.

Numerous other types of doors exist to meet every business need. Insulated doors are excellent for extreme weather environments or in buildings where maintaining the internal air temperature is important. Rolling grills and security gates are often used to add additional security to exterior doors, or for interior applications, such as individual store entrances within shopping malls. Rolling counter doors are a smaller scale option, effective for closing off customer service areas and meal counters.

Commercial garage doors come in a wide variety of functions and appearances. Steel, screen or wood, insulated or security, the options abound. But when choosing a commercial bay or garage door, it is important to also consider the reparability of the chosen system, and the reputation of the installing company. A good garage door retailer can provide a wide array of options, fast and professional installation, and timely service by trained technicians.

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