Garage Door Battered and Beaten?

The condition of your garage door can be a sure sign of a home where a family resides.

From the damage caused by that first time without training wheels when your daughter didn’t know how to use the brakes, to your son’s hockey practice, your garage door bears the reminders.

No parent can ever forget when their child got their driving permit and failed to remember that the garage door was so closed. As much as you treasure those memories, you do not want your garage door to bear the signs forever as this can take away from the overall visual appeal of your home as well as your home’s value.

Not only does an improperly operating garage door take away from the visual appeal and value of your home, it also poses many safety hazards to you and your family. An improperly operating door has the potential of closing unexpectedly on small children who may be playing in the doorway as well as family pets who do not know any better.

A garage door that has loose springs or other missing hardware poses the greatest amount of danger. If you have a vehicle that you park in your garage it is also very likely that you can expect a great amount of costly damage to your automobile should a mishap happen.

When you have garage openers that are not working properly or are out of commission all together, you run the risk of having unwanted guests. There have been many reports of homes where the garage opener is not working and thieves gain access to your personal belongs.

The risks get even more severe if your garage is attached to your home with an entry point. When a thief manages to get into your garage area they are concealed from the view of neighbors who may be watching your home for you. Once inside they can gain entry to your home. This is definitely not a situation you want to come home to.

A professional garage door company can help you decide on a garage door selection that will fit your needs. There are many great innovative designs when selecting garage doors for you home from a variety of colors and designs to added safety amenities such as motion sensors, alarm systems and object detectors that mount on the bottom of the door to keep the door from closing on people and other objects that may be in the way.

Once you have decided on your ideal door selection, these garage door specialists will install the door and all necessary hardware that is included. When you have inspected the garage door and garage door openers and they meet your approval, only then will they report the job as being completed.

If you have a need for a new garage door or garage door opener, contact a professional today to schedule a consultation. You will be under no obligation should you decide that this is not right for you. However, as many families have discovered, dealing with professionals who know what they are doing can bring you much needed peace of mind.

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  1. Regular maintenance will save you time and money, if you are not sure about what to do your local professional will help you.

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