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Garage doors aren’t boring anymore: They’re part of an integrated home design

Garage door designs have become much more than the plain, cookie cutter styles.

Garage doors take inspiration from a variety of sources – from the American farmhouse to a European design. As garages play a bigger role in home design — with three-car garages practically standard in some neighborhoods — the doors are changing, too.

Gone are the days of the architecturally bland, cookie-cutter garage doors. Such doors have been replaced with ones that look like entrances to old carriage houses, barns, even castles. The doors boast leaded-glass windows, raised panels and an assortment of decorative hardware. And though they may look like doors that swing open, they roll up with an automatic opener.

A lot more attention is being given to the design and appearance of the interior of a garage, and that draws attention to the garage door. An attached garage represents a minimum of 30 percent of the visual portion of a home, depending on where the garage is facing. In the majority of homes, it faces the street. Yet, traditionally, doors were plain, cookie-cutter garage doors. They were functional and safe but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the overall home.

That’s changing. Now you can find doors that better complement a home’s design, whether it offers Old World charm or contemporary styling. There is new stuff all the time as the industry realizes how much curb appeal a garage door adds. Carriage-house doors were some of the most popular on the market. People want the garage door to match the entry door or to pick up on the home’s windows or gables on the house. Now you can make them more distinct and more personalized.

Most people use their garage doors to enter their homes every day — while rarely using the front entry. Steel is the biggest seller, popular because of its low maintenance and its warranties.

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Replace Your Abused Garage Door

There is no question that a garage can be a great element of a home.

Many people choose a home because it does have a garage due to the great convenience it will provide. Not only is a garage convenient, but also provides the best shelter for your vehicle, not to mention the stuff you accumulate and want to store somewhere. Unfortunately, time and the growth and use of a family will definitely take a toll on the garage door, leading to the need for repairs or possibly a completely new garage door. It becomes necessary to replace the door at some point, in order to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, as well as enhance the look of your home.

If you have children, you definitely understand the wear and tear a garage door can endure. From catching stray balls during a game of catch to acting as the backboard during a game of driveway basketball, there are certainly some damages that can be taken by the garage door. Not to mention the several times the door goes up and down as you take your children to school, sporting activities and practices, and the basic every day in and out needs of a family. It could need many types of simple repairs such as new springs, rollers, hinges, tracks, cables, and sections, or could simply require a replacement of the entire garage door and garage door opener.

When the garage door becomes a safety hazard, it is definitely time to have it replaced, especially with children around. A door that has been damaged and no longer will stay on track could be a great safety hazard to you and your family as it could fall upon rising. Sections that jut out could pose a risk for injury and broken cables could definitely cause harm to you and your vehicle as well.

There is also a great value and curb appeal that can be achieved through the repair or replacement. With professional installation, you are able to ensure safety and accuracy, and be sure that your home will once again be safe and functional. Using your garage door shouldn’t be a sometime event, so with replacement, you can have full access and use of something that was so important in your decision to get your home.

With professional installation or repair of your garage door and garage door opener, you won’t have to put up with an eye sore or safety risk. You will have access to the garage as you need it, and you can even order a spare opener as well, ensuring that you are always able to use it from day to day. Your garage door should be indicative of the home you work so hard to maintain.

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Don’t Lose Your Lawnmower

There’s still a lot of grass to be cut before you can pack away the Lawn Boy for the winter. But if you’re not careful you’ll be without a way to keep your lawn looking nice. Thieves are stealing lawn mowers from open garages.

That’s not all their taking. Anything that is not tied down, glued or screwed are becoming targeted objects. Lawn equipment, tools and not to mention any unlocked vehicles.

The takeaway lesson from these crimes is that you need to make sure you close your garage door. If you’re working in the yard, take a garage door opener out of your car and keep it with you. But, by all means, make sure the garage door is closed at night.

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Keep Your Home and Family Safe: Lower The Door On Crime

New garage doors, garage door openers and accessories can prevent intruders from invading your home

According to statistics compiled by metropolitan police departments, approximately 50 percent of all residential burglaries occur because a garage door is left open or is outdated and no longer secure.

The garage door industry is reminding homeowners in to make it a practice to keep their garage doors closed when not in use.

An open garage door is an open invitation to thieves. Thieves are also targeting remote controls that are not locked up in vehicles parked outside. Many people are now upgrading their garage doors to stylish new models that are now available. Unfortunately, many homeowners are in the dangerous habit of leaving their garage doors open. If you’ve just bought a stylish new garage door, why not show it off and keep it closed?

Today’s technologies enable new garage doors to provide greater security than the garage doors of yesteryear. Garage doors paired with open-door alert systems, miniature key ring remote controls and numerically coded or fingerprint keypad entry systems keep unwanted visitors out of your home and away from your family’s belongings.

Here are some ways to improve home safety and security.


How many times have you gone in your house after working in your yard or carrying groceries out of your car and left the garage door open? New garage doors can be equipped with an open garage door monitor that can be affixed to your door system. When a garage door is left open, a warning light will indicate “open door” – a signal for you to close your garage door. Homeowners can sleep easy, knowing their garage doors are closed and their families are safe.


Another tool for the security-minded homeowner is a miniature key ring remote control. Think about it. Leaving your garage door remote control opener in your car – whether it’s parked in your driveway or anywhere – is the same as leaving your house keys on your driver’s seat. Crafty thieves are breaking into vehicles and grabbing the garage door remote and getting your home address from your car’s registration or insurance documents,” adds Long. “They then drive to your home and pull right in your garage.” Long recommends replacing your visor-clip remote control with a handy miniature key ring remote control. Hooked onto your keychain, these remotes can easily be carried with you at all times.


One of the most popular garage door accessories is a keypad entry system mounted outside your garage door. With these devices, you can open your garage door with a simple swipe of your fingerprint or by entering a 4-digit code. These tools keep out intruders while providing easy access only to the people who need it. Give your personal code only to family and trusted friends. Fingerprint controls can also be programmed for multiple fingerprints.

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Choosing a Garage Door Repairman

When your garage door is broken, you simply can’t wait a week or even a few days to have it repaired! You need the job done yesterday.

Garage doors are tricky to repair yourself and the job can be dangerous depending on what the problem is; so it’s always best to call in the professionals. Here are some tips for choosing the right repairman who will do the job correctly the first time.

Go with an established garage door company whose technicians have years of experience under their belts. The safety of your family along with having the convenience of a reliable garage door are simply too important to leave to chance. The technician to choose may not necessarily service your brand of door on an exclusive basis: those who are “married” to one company often charge more for their services.

Along with possessing extensive knowledge and experience, the repairman should also be sensitive to your time constraints. Again, you simply cannot afford to wait a week until he can fit you into his schedule: there are plenty of companies out there that offer same or next-day service, so be choosy.

Does the repairman use quality products? There are huge differences in quality between different types of springs, cables, and other replacement parts. A good repairman will always recommend the use of the best quality products for long-term dependability and optimum functionality. You don’t want to buy cheap parts only to discover they have to be replaced again within a year.

A good repairman will back up his parts and labor with guarantees, so be wary of anyone who doesn’t. He should be so confident that his services are the best that he gladly offers his customers this type of protection.

Choose a company that is licensed and insured: this protects you in several ways. Being licensed in your state means that the company is a legitimate one that has jumped through the right hoops and is recognized by the proper authorities. Carrying the proper amount of liability insurance means that if injuries or property damage occurs, you will be covered.

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An Overview of Commercial & Industrial Doors

Whether it is a house, business or commercial building, garage doors and bay doors do more than just close off a garage or work area.

They also embellish the appearance of the building, and make a statement about the function of the building and personality of those within. Thus, a tremendous variety of designs have emerged in the garage door industry. They offer a material, function and appearance to fit every application.

Even in the world of commercial business, both the appearance and function of garage doors and bay doors are important. The way a door looks tells a potential intruder that your door is strong, and not easy to break, or it tells a customer that your business is high end and modern. These doors serve to protect what is inside of them, and to open exactly as the business needs them to, whether they need it to open automatically, quickly, or completely out of the way. The variety of doors available in commercial applications can simply boggle even the most brilliant business mind.

Some of the most commonly sought after characteristics of commercial garage doors include heavy insulation, ability to roll up, high open and closure speed and doors capable of sustaining heavy impact. In heavy industry or extremely busy commercial applications, rolling doors, high speed doors, and heavy impact doors all have a place. Rolling doors are excellent options when the door needs to be moved completely out of the way, either overhead or horizontally. Usually made of steel, and often insulated, these doors are a versatile solution for various businesses.

High speed doors come in a variety of types, with the most sought after feature being their ability to open and close quickly. This feature is particularly well suited to exterior applications, where the outside environment makes fast opening and closing a desirable option. Heavy impact doors are the most durable of commercial doors. They are resistant to impact, damage and long lasting in even the most unforgiving of garages and bays.

Numerous other types of doors exist to meet every business need. Insulated doors are excellent for extreme weather environments or in buildings where maintaining the internal air temperature is important. Rolling grills and security gates are often used to add additional security to exterior doors, or for interior applications, such as individual store entrances within shopping malls. Rolling counter doors are a smaller scale option, effective for closing off customer service areas and meal counters.

Commercial garage doors come in a wide variety of functions and appearances. Steel, screen or wood, insulated or security, the options abound. But when choosing a commercial bay or garage door, it is important to also consider the reparability of the chosen system, and the reputation of the installing company. A good garage door retailer can provide a wide array of options, fast and professional installation, and timely service by trained technicians.

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Keep Away from Garage Door Disasters

The usual garage doors weigh around a hundred pounds and typically use an extension spring to counterbalance the heaviness of the garage door. This becomes dangerous if the springs break, causing the door to malfunction. Indeed, the garage door is a great potential of harm and accident at home. To help you avoid garage door accidents, try following these advices.

If you are still planning to have your door installed, choose a reputable and qualified service installer to do it. Be meticulous about safety, they must have the necessary skill in this kind of job, especially in the setting of the spring, which is the very important yet crucial part of the work. An improperly installed door will give you a headache and dissatisfaction no matter how many repairs you make. However, if you are installing it by yourself, make sure to read the instructions and follow it carefully. There must be no room for errors. After the installation, you must familiarize and take care of the remote control, if ever there is a garage door opener. Don’t leave it lying around.

Ask any garage door installer and they will give you one golden rule: Keep your children safe. And by this, it means that you should orient your children (and any other family members) about garage door safety. Tell them that playing near it is prohibited, no playing with the remote and explain to them the consequence of being trapped under and behind the doors.

Monthly check-ups and inspections should be done. Look for imbalanced doors, hidden things, loose bolts, broken wires, rollers, cables and the push button wall should be out of reach of the children. Contact local technicians if problems are observed.

Your garage door is hugely supported by the spring under high tension. Make sure to replace old springs. Broken or loose spring may hit on your car or worse, on a person. Usually, doors have two springs, if the other is broken, be sure and change the two.

Door openers should have a reversing feature, or else, replace it. The absence of the said feature will cause damage, the fact that it might caught something while it is closing, because it will make contact to the door before closing. All garage doors are required by the authority to install reversing feature.

For additional knowledge, garage door openers are motorized device used to open and close garage doors. The most common style of operator is the trolley operator (usually at home). The motor hangs near the center of the ceiling with rail guides and a trolley across the ceiling to the top of the doorway. The trolley is attached to the door arm that is then attached to the top of the door. When the trolley traverses the rail the door opens and closes Additional features that have been added over the years, including automatic lights that turn on if the door opens and automatically turn off with a preset time, wireless keypads and keychain remotes, which are widely used today.

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Carriage House Styled Garage Doors: A Classic Touch

While you might not own a carriage, would you use your garage to create the feeling that you do? When choosing a design for your garage, the number of options that you have is almost unlimited. One of the most appealing and stylish is one that resembles the door of a timeless carriage house. While some have taken relaxing carriage rides, you might be less familiar with a carriage house.

Carriage houses were the place where carriages, that horses pulled, were stored. As you probably have noticed, carriages aren’t as popular today as they were in the past. But there’s that old saying that some things never go out of style. Many owners pick garage doors that resemble the door of a carriage house, to add a touch of elegance and style to their homes.

Most popular, today, is the one that has the appearance of the doors on carriage houses. They open overhead just like the majority of today’s garage doors. This differs from the genuine doors, which opened outward. But that’s not to say that this style of door doesn’t look authentic. In fact, they often are decked out with attractive decorative hardware, such as handles and doorknobs, to give them a genuine look.

There are other major version replicating both the form and function of the original doors. The genuine carriage house doors opened by swinging outward, rather than using the vertical style that is common among today’s garage doors. To make the doors seem as close to the original ones as possible, people often choose those made of wood, to give the doors an authentic appearance.

When choosing among the various styles of garage doors that resemble the entry of a horse and carriage house, here are some of the choices that you have:

1. Materials

The original doors of were made of wood, so go for that material if you want your garage door to be as genuine as possible. However if you are looking for a more durable material that will involve a smaller amount maintenance, then you can also find such garage doors comprised steel. In the end, the individual material chosen for carriage house doors is a matter of individual preference.

2. Operation

If you want to relive the experience of opening the door of the real thing, then go for a door that opens by hand. The customary models swung open sideways, versus vertically in nearly all modern garage doors. But if you want to have modern convenience, choose a garage door with an automatic garage door opener. The reliability of today’s overhead garage door is a better choice.

3. Options

Carriage house garage doors are obtainable in an array of styles. This will make it easier to complement the design of your house.

Even if you don’t own a house and carriage, it can make an excellent addition to your garage!

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Garage Door Options to Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a garage door is not a simple trip to the hardware store.

There are many factors to consider before purchasing. It will take a fair amount of research and energy before making a decision. There are more than a few factors to consider when making a choice and this guide can serve as a checklist to help make an informed and complete decision.

Before anything else it is critical to determine which type of mechanism will open and close the garage door. There are several varieties of openers on the market each of which provide their own benefits and drawbacks. The silent functioning belt driven opener is optimal for homes that desire a quiet operation and they also hold up to cold weather the best. Chain driven openers are a fairly efficient and cost effective choice. There are also screw driven openers for the most durable opener. It is best to check with the garage door installer to determine which style will work best for you.

Another thing that the garage door installer will be able to help with is determining what size is going to be needed. Measuring this entryway can be a tricky process and as such is bet to be undertaken by a professional. Knowing what size will also help in determining what material is going to be ideal.

Primarily most garage doors are made out of steel or wood. With today’s advances in manufacturing steel is the preferred choice for most people. However, if within the budget it is advisable to go with steel filled with foam insulation. This material combines the most temperature retention and noise reduction characteristics and make for a very sound construction. Also very popular is hardwood. This natural material provides superior beauty over the other options but with the disadvantage of being the most expensive. Wood also is not the most durable when it comes to resisting the elements so it is not recommended for areas with large temperature fluctuations or corrosive seawater.

The process of choosing and purchasing a garage door can be daunting but working with a professionally licensed garage door specialist who knows what they are doing will ensure a result that will last for years and add beauty and function to the home.

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Garage Doors – Secrets to Safe Operation

Garage doors are not something most people give a lot of thought to. They are expected to function and when they don’t usually an expert is called in to repair them.

This is particularly true now that the majorities are controlled by remote operation instead of manually opening and closing them. By their nature garage doors are large and heavy and so extra care should be taken with them and a fair amount of maintenance should be kept up to date.

Garage doors are opened with a mechanism. Just like a car, a lawnmower or a bicycle they need to be well maintained. A small amount of basic upkeep will keep them in good working order and prevent an accident or a malfunction. First and foremost the motor should be kept clean and free of debris. The majority of malfunctions occur because the motor fails as a result of poor maintenance. Simply getting on a ladder and cleaning off the motor will ensure a longer safer operation.

It seems silly but one of the best ways to prevent an accident is to make sure that the batteries in the remotes that operate the opener are kept up. If the battery dies in a moment when the door needs to be stopped or opened it can be a very dangerous predicament.

Children should never play with garage doors. They are very large and very heavy and can easily cause serious injury or death. Just as no one would let a child play with any other sort of machinery it is not safe for kids to play with this one. There is something very appealing to kids about opening and closing something with a remote that needs to be addressed early on. By taking the time and explaining the danger and stressing that they should not ever play with the controller a lot of danger can be avoided. Show them that there is nothing that can be done to stop it opening or closing without the remote. The motors of these can lift those very heavy panels and would have no trouble lifting a child as well. Many of these units roll up or fold and can easily crush a child.

Especially dangerous can be the descent of garage doors therefore always be sure to visually inspect the area before opening or closing. Even if a young person is standing to the side of a unit in operation the rollers or any other moving part can easily hurt their fingers.

With a little precaution and maintenance any sort of danger or harm can be avoided. It only takes one time for something bad to happen however so be sure to always exercise safety.

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