Seal It! Weatherstrip It!

Garage door seals and weather strips are intended to prevent dirt and dust getting into the garage through doors. They are also functional in keeping out rodents from getting into the garage. They can very well fit with a steel or wooden garage doors in a commercial or residential garage. This weather strip or doors gets easily and quickly install through staples or nails. The seals get easily fit with adjustable screws also and it can easily combine with brush seals for giving better protection. Most of the doors in older garage do not have seals in perfect condition allowing the cold air, dust and dirt to enter in the house which does not able to keep the inside of the house warm.

Before buying a garage door seal or weather strip, you need to look at the seals by adjusting between the door panels. Normally, the compression type seals are the most common type, which compresses the metal spring seal in the gap or the polyurethane bulb weather stripping in the gaps between the door and the garage. The best designed garage door seals and weather strips are the one in the form of shiplap panel edge and the one with the tongue and groove. These designs help creating a path for non-straight air leakage, which prevents air blow from outside and inside the garage.


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