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Garage Door Safety Beams: How Do They Work?

One of the most important inventions of the last few years has been the advent of the garage door safety beam.

The safety beam is a beam of infrared light that sits near the floor of your garage. If something is in the way or if something breaks the beam as your door is closing, the sensor will automatically make the door rise back up. It is basic motion sensor detection technology that, thanks to military research, has come down in price considerably from where it was just a decade ago. Let’s take a look at why these beams are so important.

The safety beam is a basic motion detector. The units transmit a beam from one end to the other that, when broken, serves as an effective safety device. When you close your garage door, the censor in the safety beam allows the door to continue closing as long as the beam remains unbroken. Should a person, pet, or even a piece of paper happen to break the beam, the door will immediately begin to open. It is a long overdue safety feature that works like a charm and can saves lives.

Along with high quality insulation and a durable opening mechanism, the safety beam is definitely one of the most important inventions in garage door history. The idea of someone being crushed under a 400 lb. door is unthinkable. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been 46 confirmed deaths from 1982-1990 involving children and garage doors. It was this call by the CPSC and garage door industry associations that brought the use of the safety beam into today’s homes. Best of all, the addition of safety beams has not significantly increased the cost of garage doors, which makes this addition something everyone can agree on. The beams help protect you and your family from accidents, slips, falls, and disasters. They also protect the garage door companies from being sued by families that have experienced such accidents.

If you want to install or retrofit your garage doors with safety beams, you may want to call a professional to do the installation for you. Many of the best safety beams on the market are made by companies that have been in the industry for many years, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility problems.

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