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A new Generation of Garage Door

We know that the new generation of the garage door is coming, safe and easy to install and they are no longer a convenience for only a select few.

You should consider changing your garage door if it is too old or if it has an old motor or pulley system.

The garage doors can be selected by the type of the chain System they use: screw-drive system, chain drive system or computer controlled system. The screw drive system has a mechanism that moves the length of a steel rod; it is a lifting mechanism that is mounted in your garage ceiling. The chain drive system is made of a chain that moves the door along a pair of tracks; this is the most common and affordable system but also has the disadvantage of being extremely noisy. The computer drive mechanism doesn’t use any screws or chains; the system’s body is mounted above the door.

The speed and the type of power are other factors used in selecting a new garage door. A faster door means a more expensive one, but this feature reduces the waiting time on your driveway. Even though it opens quickly, a door usually closes pretty slow for safety. The power of the motor is important in choosing a door because it has to have enough power to raise the door; a large motor is likely to last longer. Also the quietness of the motor should be another decision factor.

Enhanced security features can be found in a newer generation door that uses random codes. A new random code is generated each time the remote control is used to open the garage door. This security code prevents you from opening another garage and vice versa. The remote control may be found in several models with a different number of buttons. A multiple button remote control is the best choice for someone who has several garages. The fixed controller is mounted on the wall either inside or outside, near the garage door and it allows the garage door to open without a remote controller. The keypad allows closing the door for a specific period of time and it provides enough time to exit the garage without running.

Safety features are present on every garage door. These features prevent the door from crushing objects or people by reversing the direction if it hits something. This safety feature is triggered by an electronic beam and it is mandated by law. A computer-controlled mechanism can detect or compensate for varying conditions, for example if the door is coming in contact with an obstruction or is closing too fast.

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Garage Doors: Handle This!

Choosing sturdy and elegant looking handles for your garage door is very important.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right garage door handles.

Garage doors are huge doors that can be opened out or in. They come in different designs like sectional doors, self storing doors, upward acting doors, colorful hinges etc. Choosing the right door handles for your garage is one of the most important thing but most people tend to neglect these areas of your home. A huge difference can be made to the exteriors of the house by using the right kind of doors. They are used for both aesthetic and functional use. Safety is our prime concern, so choose the right kind of locks for your garage doors.

Replace your old, wobbly and rusty garage door handles with a new stylish handle. Simple changes like these can change your run down, cold garage to a new and warmer one. There will be no more rattles no more shakes! Maintaining a garage door is as important as maintaining your house, with little bit of care and renovation your garage can as good as brand new and driving into your garage can be a pleasing experience. You can also use keys to open and close the garage. There are quite a few types of decorative garage door hardware available, some of the examples are: Corner Brackets, Hinge Straps, Handle Pulls, Locking L Handle, etc. Door handles for garage’s and accessories are available easily in the market. Right choice of handles gives your garage door the right character and look, so choose wisely.

Decorative vintage door handles as it will give the exterior of your house a very colonial look. Keyless openers are also bit hit these days. These handles also come along with security locks; this ensures good appearance along with safety. Locking systems in the garage doors are to be taken very seriously these days as savvy thieves are using new mechanisms to break into your garages and homes. They are such experts at it that sometimes you will not even realize that you have been ripped off until it’s too late. Sometimes your garage is not only used for parking your car it also serves as a storeroom that houses your old, valuable goods such as bicycle, old golf or baseball bats, toys and other such sentimental treasures. Using the right locks and making sure your garage is properly keyed in is the only way to ensure the safety of the garage.

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Horse and Carriage… goes together like a…

While you might not own a carriage, would you use your garage to create the impression that you do?

When choosing a design for your garage door, the number of options that you have is virtually unlimited. One of the most remarkable and attractive styles is one that resembles the door of a carriage house. While lots of us have taken peaceful carriage rides, we might be less familiar with a carriage house. What exactly is the style of these storage spaces for carriages, and why have they inspired carriage house doors?

These houses were the place where carriages that horses pulled, were stored. As you most likely have noticed, carriages aren’t as common today as they were in the past. But there’s that old saying that what’s old is new again. Many homeowners pick garage doors that resemble the door of a carriage house, to add a touch of class and flair to their homes.

What choices are there? There are two main options. One version basically just has the look of the doors on carriage houses. Meanwhile, they open overhead like the bulk of today’s garage doors. This differs from the actual doors, which opened outward. But that is not to say that this style of door doesn’t look authentic. In fact, they often are decked out with attractive pieces such as handles and doorknobs, to give them an genuine look.

The other major version duplicates both the form and function of the original doors. The authentic carriage house doors opened by swinging outward, rather than using the vertical style that is common among today’s garage doors. To make the doors seem as close to the real thing as possible, people often choose those made of wood, to give the doors a genuine look.

When choosing between the various options of garage doors that look like the entrance of a carriage house, here are some of the choices that you have:

1. Material

The original doors of were wood, so elect that material if you want your garage door to be as genuine as possible. But if you’re looking for a more durable material that’ll call for less maintenance, then you can also find such doors made from materials such as steel, fiberglass and aluminum In the end, the exact material used for carriage house doors is a matter of individual preference.

2. Operation

If you fancy the experience of opening the door of the real thing, then go for a door that opens by hand. The traditional models swung open sideways, vs. vertically in the majority modern garage doors. But if you want to have modern convenience, you can also find models with an automatic garage door opener… in my opinion I think the reliability of today’s overhead garage door is a better option.

3. Style

Carriage house doors are obtainable in an assortment of styles. This will make it easier to harmonize with the design of your house.

Even if you don’t own a house and carriage, it can make a wonderful addition to your garage!

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Death by Garage Door

This past weekend I almost killed myself by painting my garage door.

Now, normally, painting your garage door isn’t considered a life threatening activity, unless, for example, your garage door is in Fallujah. Or, as in my case, you’re in Arizona and you’re painting a white garage door (using a nice latex semi-gloss) in 105 degree weather with the sun beating down directly on the door in front of you. In that case, you might as well be sunning yourself on the surface of Mercury during the warmer months using coconut oil and a liberal amount of aluminum foil.

After I was about one quarter done, I was starting to wonder if this was such a great idea. Half way through I was naked from the waist down in a desperate attempt to cool my head with my sweat soaked underwear and shorts. By the end, barely alive, I was almost wishing I were at work instead of home.


This project now joins the long list of seemingly innocuous home improvement projects that I’ve undertaken through the years that have darned near killed, maimed or otherwise permanently incapacitated me. These include closing my garage door (I’m starting to think that door hates me) and assembling a swing set (big thanks again to my local fire department for saving my chestnuts on that one).

Home ownership. You got to love it!

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From Carriage House to Modern Day Garage

Did you know that the garage of yesteryear was often shared with horses and other domestic animals?

This stinky truth paved way for the need to build a separate vehicle storage room. And so, separate buildings were constructed to house vehicles such as cars and trucks. The building was known as carriage house. Since the garage is home to vehicles, the word was derived from the French word “garer” which means shelter. There was not even a trace of electric doors, and so as electric garage doors.

Time has whispered the need for carriage houses to be accessible. And so, garage was built in close proximity to the house. Since then, the garage has been an extension of the family home. This made it even accessible to use the car without literally leaving the household premises. Hence, the structural design of the garage goes with that of the house. Garage doors then were made of wood since the material is very much available. It is also cheap compared to some other processed materials. Wood is also a good insulator. The unfavorable attributes of wood; however, is that it is of high-maintenance cost and prone to destruction. Wood is weakened by external hazards such as weather and termites. This made it not advisable for use.

Steel was the answer to the low-durability of wood. This has modernized the materials used in making garage doors. It is a good insulator and energy-saving. Indeed, steel is a mighty name in the material for today’s garage door market.
Along with the discovery of using steel for garage doors, is the discovery systematic ways to improve the garage door operation. This is the discovery of electric garage doors. The old way was that using manual power. Optimum effort has to be exerted to open garage doors.

Thanks to the electronic door opener, through the use of simple machines and cables. Opening of garage doors became easier. A device was invented to control the garage door. The realm of electric garage doors opened up. Then the remote control door opener was introduced. It allows the driver to open the garage door by simply pushing a button. This type was powered by any of the following: transmitter-receiver mode; wireless mode; or rolling codes. This was more than the usual electric garage door features.

The journey from the carriage house to the official garage was long. There were series of breakthroughs to arrive at the present success of the garage door market. Through continuous research and development, there is still a long way to go for the garage door industry.

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Consider This!

Make a list. There are several important items to take into consideration when purchasing a new garage door.

Not only do you have to decide on the amount of money you want to spend but you also need to think about the type of door to get and the matter of installing the door.

First of all you will need to think about how much you would like to spend on a new garage door. This is probably the most vital step as without sorting this out you have little chance of making the right choice. Wood garage doors are generally expensive even though there are also many benefits to getting them. You must think carefully about the different options before making a concluding decision.

An additional thing to take into consideration is which sort of door for the garage you want to buy. Wooden garage doors offer the highest level of insulation. Metal garage doors are less costly but arent so insulated but make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of each before you make a conclusion. It could be hard to pick the right one but it is significant that you do not rush your selection as this can cause a bad conclusion.

A further issue is whether you need to get the garage door professionally fitted. A professionally mounted door will in general last longer than one you fit yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing. Despite the fact that it will often cost more assets to get a garage door professionally set up it is in general best to do so if you have any option in the subject.

When getting a door for the garage a clear yet essential point is that you must pay money for a door that matches your existing design. Should you buy a door that does not match the rest of the interior of your house then this can ruin the outer walls design. You also must to think about how the rest of the homes in your area are decorated as this will present you with an idea of what looks great.

Buying a new door for the garage doesnt have to be hard as long as you keep these essential points in mind. Failure to do so can mean that you will not get the best door for your house. Choosing the wrong garage door and be a costly blunder.

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Garage Door Caution

When a garage door breaks down that many people realize how dependent they are on them.

When this happens, most people call a garage door repair company to do the repairs. Sometimes the job is quick and the customer is left with a hefty service call bill.

Other times, the repair takes longer and requires much effort even for the trained technician and the bill is still extremely costly. These large bills may encourage homeowners to do the repairs themselves. It is difficult to know which repairs a homeowner can do alone and which problems require a professional. Whatever issue you decide to tackle yourself, there are a few things to always remember including:

> Proceed with caution! Working with garage doors can be extremely dangerous, even life threatening. Manipulating the springs is very dangerous, when they are stetched they act like a cocked gun and if released will recoil at a treacherous speed with tremendous force. Garage door accidents have led to bodily injury. Make sure to thoroughly read all instructions on every part you use. Even better when a spring is broken, call a professional.

> Inspect the entire system. Make sure you know exactly why the entrance is not working before you attempt any repair. Is there a visible broken part, disconnection, or loose screw? To determine if the opener itself is not working. Release the entrance from the opener and attempt to manually open it. Only attempt to do the repair yourself, if you know exactly what needs to be fixed. Otherwise, you will end up with a garage door and its entire system taken apart without knowing what needs to be done.

> If a part is broken, replace it and any other matching piece. For example, if one spring busts, the other spring is close behind, if you are going to replace the one, you might as well save yourself the time or another service call fee and replace the other at the same time.

> Know what you are capable of fixing. Roller, hinge, and pulley replacements are manageable for do-it-yourselfers. While spring replacements are best handled by a professional, garage door openers can be installed by homeowners if instructions are followed carefully.

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How long does the light on the opener stay on for?

Ever wonder if the light in a refrigerator stays on or goes off after a few seconds?

Well, let us take the mystery out of the light in a garage door opener.

Most if not all modern-day openers include a courtesy light which will automatically switch on when the garage door is activated.  After a period of inactivity, the light will switch off to save electricity during periods of non-use.

How long will the light stay on for? This period of time is configurable from only a few seconds to a number of minutes.  The standard light bulbs can be replaced with energy-saving bulbs to minimize electricity consumption further.

By the way, the refrigerator light goes…

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Commercial & Industrial Doors

Whether it is a house, business or commercial building, garage doors and bay doors do more than just close off a garage or work area.

They also embellish the appearance of the building, and make a statement about the function of the building and personality of those within. Thus, a tremendous variety of designs have emerged in the garage door industry. They offer a material, function and appearance to fit every application.

Even in the world of commercial business, both the appearance and function of garage doors and bay doors are important. The way a door looks tells a potential intruder that your door is strong, and not easy to break, or it tells a customer that your business is high end and modern. These doors serve to protect what is inside of them, and to open exactly as the business needs them to, whether they need it to open automatically, quickly, or completely out of the way. The variety of doors available in commercial applications can simply boggle even the most brilliant business mind.

Some of the most commonly sought after characteristics of commercial garage doors include heavy insulation, ability to roll up, high open and closure speed and doors capable of sustaining heavy impact. In heavy industry or extremely busy commercial applications, rolling doors, high speed doors, and heavy impact doors all have a place. Rolling doors are excellent options when the door needs to be moved completely out of the way, either overhead or horizontally. Usually made of steel, and often insulated, these doors are a versatile solution for various businesses.

High speed doors come in a variety of types, with the most sought after feature being their ability to open and close quickly. This feature is particularly well suited to exterior applications, where the outside environment makes fast opening and closing a desirable option. Heavy impact doors are the most durable of commercial doors. They are resistant to impact, damage and long lasting in even the most unforgiving of garages and bays.

Numerous other types of doors exist to meet every business need. Insulated doors are excellent for extreme weather environments or in buildings where maintaining the internal air temperature is important. Rolling grills and security gates are often used to add additional security to exterior doors, or for interior applications, such as individual store entrances within shopping malls. Rolling counter doors are a smaller scale option, effective for closing off customer service areas and meal counters.

Commercial garage doors come in a wide variety of functions and appearances. Steel, screen or wood, insulated or security, the options abound. But when choosing a commercial bay or garage door, it is important to also consider the reparability of the chosen system, and the reputation of the installing company. A good garage door dealercan provide a wide array of options, fast and professional installation, and timely service by trained technicians.

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DIY Garage Door Installation

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