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I Left the Garage Door Open Again?


A new garage door security product has been created specifically to address the problem of inadvertently leaving a garage door open. 

Innovative Home Systems, LLC. of Colorado has launched its new product, GarageHawk®, which allows you to remotely monitor and close your garage door from anywhere in your home.

On any given day or night people can drive around their neighborhood and find open garage doors where it is obvious that no one is home or everyone is sleeping peacefully unaware. Burglars know this too! “We’ve all seen it, and most of us are guilty of it ourselves — leaving the garage door wide open — sometimes for hours and all too frequently overnight”, says Bill Dierking of Innovative Home Systems. GarageHawk® can increase a homeowner’s peace of mind by knowing when their garage door is open as well as providing the ability to close it remotely from anywhere in the home. GarageHawk® is also expandable to allow additional capabilities such as internet-enabled monitoring and control, path lighting, and audible alerts.

GarageHawk® is unique in that it not only lets the owner know that the garage door is open, it also allows easy closure by pushing a button without going to the garage to hit the garage door opener button. And unlike some garage door closers it doesn’t operate on a timer to close the garage door (risking being locked out of the garage!). Instead, it allows the owner to close the garage door whenever they decide to close it and from wherever they choose in the home.

GarageHawk® was designed as an affordable and easily installed system specifically for people who, like most, occasionally forget to close their garage door. When properly installed, the device will never open a door that is already closed and does not interfere with normal garage door opener operation or safety features. It requires no batteries and can be easily installed by anyone using only a screwdriver. Additional modules can also be purchased to allow remote closure of any number of additional garage doors.

For more information visit their web site, http://www.garagehawk.com.

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