Now what’s wrong with my garage door opener?

I have a garage door opener system and I am having a problem lately with it. I was able to pull up to the garage door and hit the button on the remote control on my visor and the door would open, but now I have to get out of the car and get real close to the door with the remote in hand to open it. I put a new battery in the remote and the antenna is hanging straight down.

What could be the problem?

Most garage door transmitters should work from 50-100′ away from the garage. It could be any number of different things.
1. If you have dropped the transmitter, it could have been damaged or knocked out of frequency.
2. Try a brand new battery, in case the one you used isn’t fresh.
3. The problem could be with the receiver in the motor in the garage – it could be failing. If your unit is new, this can be covered under warranty (most units have at least a year warranty or more)
4. There could be interference. This is common if you live near an airport or an armed forces base. If this is the case, it may stay this way temporarily. The military operates on similar frequencies, and it sometimes interferes with garage door openers.
5. If you have pushed the button too hard, it could have cracked the circuit board inside.
6. Did you get a new car? Some cars interfere with these frequencies.

Most garage door transmitters can’t be repaired without spending more than they are worth, so probably the best solution is to buy a new one. You can purchase a new transmitter for about $35-50 from a professionally licensed garage door dealer.

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