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Top Five Answers to Garage Door Problems

When any of the following problems occur with your garage door, don’t just ignor it. Find the solution at once!

1. The garage door won’t open or close. There are actually two main causes of this problem, depending mainly on the type of garage door you have. The likely cause of a manually operated garage door could be loose mounting brackets. It could also be due to bent, dented, or knocked out of shape tracks or perhaps, some kind of blockage on the door tracks. Meanwhile, if your garage door is the automatic type, something could be wrong in the programming. The keypad may not be working, thus you need to reprogram it. It could also be due to some frayed wires in the unit or an obstruction on the clear line of sight between the transmitters.

2. The garage door sticks when opening or closing. This could be very irritating especially if you already need to park it after a hard day’s work or you are in a hurry to get your vehicle out of the garage. The reason why this problem occurs could be a clogged, dirty or out of alignment trucks. Metal rollers and hinges that probably need lubricating could be another. So when coming up with the solution, make sure to determine which of these two is the likely cause.

3. When the garage door is released, it falls. This could be very dangerous and can result to injuries if not solved as early as possible. Often times, when a garage door is released, it should remain in position if it is working properly. However, if it falls after releasing, chances are the extension springs are worn and have to be replaced right away.

4. When there is a squeaking sound whenever the garage door is closing or opening.The possible reason for this is lack of lubrication. This squeaking problem, no matter how small it is, should not be ignored because it can lead to breakdown in due time.

5. When the garage door opener fails. There are three main causes why this problem occurs: misaligned tracks, malfunctioning garage door springs and too tight or too loose chain. Solutions may vary, so be sure to pinpoint which of these three is the real cause.
Garage doors, whether they are manually operated or have a garage door opener attached, should really be maintained well to keep them operating effectively.

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