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Thieves Use Garage Door Openers to Enter Homes

Police agencies throughout the country are saying that there is an increase in burglaries where a thief or thieves broke into cars, found garage door openers, and used those openers to steal items from inside homes.

Recently a suspect broke into a car outside a residence and stole the garage door opener out of the car. When the victim left for work, the suspect or suspects entered her house and stole several thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

The crimes sometimes begin as car burglaries. The thieves find the remote controls and then enter the victims’ homes while they are asleep.

Police say that homeowners should remember to lock the doors to their homes and not leave valuables in plain view. Also, they recommend that people either lock their garage door openers in their glove boxes or take them inside with them when they leave. They also recommend that garage doors be secured at night so that they cannot be opened from the outside.

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