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Your Garage Door Only Opens a Foot?

When you attempt to open your electric garage door, does the door go up about a foot or two then stop?

This could be one of two things. If you apply pressure upwards when the door is lifting, will it go up all the way? This problem is more than likely due to a problem with a torsion spring. For most doors, torsion springs can be replaced at an affordable cost.

Otherwise, you could be looking at a problem with the motor and/or garage door. As garage doors age, they require maintenance to keep them evenly balanced. An opening garage door can find itself getting stuck in a stationery position because an usually large amount of force has been detected required to open the door.

Usually, a garage door service will mend any problems seen. Call a licensed, bonded and insured garage door professional.

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Garage Door Openers and Your Carbon Footprint

Responsible manufacturing is good for everyone!Concerned about the effects your garage door opener has on global warming? Little need to worry…

Notable amounts of electricity are only consumed while the garage door is in motion – a period which consists of around 10 to 15 seconds. The majority of motors take in a 24 DC current and output as little energy as 100 Watts. Just how much energy are we talking? 100 Watts is less than or equal to your modern home computer.

The rest of the time, the garage door operator remains in a standbyResponsible manufacturing is good for everyone! state where no significant power is utilized. It should be noted that most modern openers are equipped with efficient energy-saving transformers ensuring that your carbon footprint is minimal.

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