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Carport Conversions: The Importance of the Garage Door

Many homes, especially in areas with milder temperatures such as the southwestern region of the United States, have parking spaces that lack garage doors. Instead, there is a parking alcove commonly referred to as a carport.

The carport is usually at the top of the driveway covered by an awning or extension of the house’s roof. It can be a great way to shade the household vehicles and provide a bit of protection from the elements. Enclosing the area and converting it into a garage offers quite a bit more qualities. Here are a few reasons to covert a carport into a garage:

Security: Converting an open carport adds extra security to a home. A garage door may be made of materials such as wood or steel. There are also various locking devices in order to keep the area safe and secure. This protects the vehicles that are parked within as well as adding an extra security barrier to the home.

Storage: When a carport is enclosed, this area can become an additional storage for the household belongings. Lawn equipment and tools can be left out without worrying about theft. Many homeowners decide to install cupboards and shelving, as well, to take full advantage of the increased storage potential of the enclosure.

Increased Home Value: Enclosing this area can add value to the existing dwelling. The price tag on a home with a parking space for cars is greater than one without. Its value will go up a few thousand dollars, depending on the national region and current market conditions. It is a desirable selling feature.

Pet Safety: Having an enclosed area gives an alternate space for the family pets. It’s a great place to keep food dishes, litter boxes, dog or cat beds and the like. Many pet owners opt to have Rover or Kitty sleep in the garage rather than outside, especially in inclement weather.

Additional Work Space: A garage can become the workshop of the abode. A work bench and wood working tools can be set up so that the household crafts-persons can have at it. Furniture refinishing can be accomplished in the space without the family members being subjected to the potent fumes of varnishes and finish stripping agents.

If a homeowner is considering converting their carport into a secure enclosure by adding a garage door and some interior finishing touches, there are many good reasons to do so. This can be a great do-it-yourself job, if the person is quite handy, or a small job for the local building contractor.

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