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Own a Toyota? Get a Cheap Garage Door!

A Danish garage door company is offering 20% off new garage doors for Toyota owners in an advertisement poking fun at the Toyota ‘Throttlegate’ recall.

Life has not been a bed of roses for Toyota owners just lately with the Toyota Recall in full swing round the globe. They’ve suffered the indignity of having to swap the smugness many had about the real world reliability of their chosen transport and worry as to whether their own Toyota has a potentially lethal fault.

“The car in front is a Toyota – thankfully it’s not the car behind”; “What do Toyota and Tiger Woods have in common? Neither knows when to stop.”; and endless others as useless as these. But who can blame anyone for poking fun at the problem? It’s what makes the world go round.

But there is one little ray of sunshine we’ve discovered for Toyota owners – at least those in Denmark. Dansk Teknik Port makes garage doors. And they’re running a new advertisment offering 20% off all garage doors. But if you look at the asterisk at the end of the offer you’ll see it’s aimed just at Toyota owners.

So another joke at Toyota owners. But one with a silver lining.

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