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Stop Thief! Garage Door Security

The garage is an easy entry for unwanted people in our homes making garage security essential to protect yourself and your belongings.

They are a popular target for criminals to get into your home and for obvious reasons. Some of our most expensive belongings are placed in there besides your car including bikes, lawnmower and power tools.

There are a few tips that you can use to ensure the safety of your family and home. Make sure that you invest in a good garage door and door opener. Some new openers, like the Liftmaster brand, have automatic locking feature on some models that make it much more difficult for any stranger to open. On a side note, when you have a new garage door opener installed, make sure the combination is reset, as the factory set combination is a familiar one to criminals.

It is important to understand the different security features that garage doors have. Most people aren’t aware how easy it is to simply open up a garage door. If you don’t have a proper garage door lock in place, for example, you will find that most doors are very easy to open.

Always try and look for a good system that will help to give you the best results possible. Finding the right door lock for you is important because it will help you secure your garage. Having a garage door that isn’t properly secured can be an easy opportunity for potential thieves.

Criminals already know that many of us overlook securing the garage door in the same way we bolt our front door. As the door that leads to the house from your garage is an interior door this misleads to thinking that it is secure. This is not the case. If the garage door can be broken into easily then it is equally easy for burglars to get into the house.

A common mistake made by people is to leave the garage door open during the day especially if they think that they will be back in a few minutes. This leaves everything in the garage to be seen by intruders who now know what they can get from there. In some cases, they can even attempt to hide in the normal clutter of a garage and wait for the right moment to run away with your valuables.

Home security is a comprehensive thing that you should take time to analyze. Securing your garage door should be a big part of that.

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Garage Door Buyer’s Guide Features Garage Doors

The new Spring 2010 issue of Garage Style Magazine features one of 1st United Door Technologies’ most popular products, the Steelhouse™ Carriage Door

The issue introduces their Garage Door Buyer’s Guide.  In compiling the guide, Garage Style Magazine editors selected only the best products to help readers select the best in products from architectural garage doors to security technology.

Steel can change the way you look at old style Carriage House garage doors. Steelhouse™ Carriage Doors allow one to copy the past without the worry of repeating past mistakes. At half the cost, and half the weight of wood, steel will eliminate the annual chore of re-sealing the door every year. Coupled with a limited lifetime warranty and seven unique designs, it’s no wonder builders, remodelers, architects, designers and garage enthusiasts have been inspired by the extraordinary value that exists.

The door featured in the magazine reveals a façade process by which you can dramatically change the appearance of a steel garage door.  A multi-step finishing process using the MinWax™ Gel Stain product ensures a uniform wood-grained appearance and long-term durability that adds natural colors and accentuates the beauty of a steel garage door. A gel stained steel garage door combines the look of a beautiful wood door combined with the ease of a maintenance-free finish in a natural-looking wood grain design. In achieving the look of a real wood door, major labor savings is realized.

The issue is on stands now and can be purchased at Borders and Barnes & Noble Bookstores.  You may also order the magazine online at

About Garage Style Magazine

Whether you enjoy the do-it-yourself lifestyle, museum style, eclectic collector style, or something in between, Garage Style Magazine is all about your style!  Garage Style Magazine is on its eighth issue.

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A Door Prize

More garage door picsIf you look at the history of building over the last 20 years, there has been too much similarity in basic rooflines and elevations from community to community.

From coast to coast, city officials are demanding changes on the design of the elevations in new projects. Builders, who faced the competing demands of limited lot sizes and buyers who wanted spacious garages, were left in a bind.

Today, the demand for more garage space remains. In fact, one-fourth of all respondents to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders said they want at least a three-car garage. But the issue of aesthetics is moving in an attractive direction — with some great-looking new garage doors.

Once designed for function only, garage doors today can turn a dull expanse into an architectural statement. Working actively to create strong curb appeal and diversity, builders, architects and municipalities are aggressively specifying steel carriage doors for their projects. In fact, architects are designing more and more communities in the neotraditional style using nostalgic elements creating strong curb appeal. The character of a carriage house door fits the style which also enhances the home’s appearance. If the garage is going to cover a large percentage of the house, why not have something better-looking?

Today’s carriage house doors look attractively retro, helping us to recall the charm of that turn-of-the-century swinging barn-door style, but open overhead like any other modern sectional garage door. The door has created true excitement in the building community. With a reputation for their beauty, functionality and durability, their worth in increasing home values is the ultimate “door prize”.

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