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A Check of Bolts and Screws, a Bit of Cleaning, and a Touch of Lubrication for Your Garage Door

Installing an attractive, custom built garage door adds beauty and value to your home, though at times it feels as though it’s draining your bank account.

Luckily, garage doors are not intended to be disposable. They remain functioning for years- meaning, they are more of an investment than an expense. Investments must be protected, and this takes a little work. Garage doors and openers should be maintained annually to ensure continued, safe, and reliable function. Generally, this little bit of annual attention is easily done by the homeowner. However, if you come across something questionable during the process, it is important to call a garage door professional. Safety is a definite consideration where garage door openers are concerned, and if you are unsure of something it is best to have a professional check and make necessary repairs.

To avoid needing repairs begin the maintenance routine by cleaning out the tracks that the garage door sits in with a clean cloth. Use a bristle brush and degreaser to remove built-up dirt and debris. Often, these tracks become greasy and filled with dirt over the course of a year.  Once you have cleaned out the tracks and around the rollers, pulleys, springs, and other moving parts well, lubricate all the moving parts with garage door lubricant or lubricating oil. Don’t forget hinges, pins, axles, and wheel bearings. Now the mechanical parts are clean of dirt and debris and newly lubricated, you will likely notice quieter operation.

To help keep it quiet, check all the bolts that hold it all together, and make sure they are all appropriately tightened. Pay careful attention to the bolts and screws that hold the tracks to the walls. If these bolts come loose, from either the wall or the track, it can throw the entire operation off balance and pose a safety risk. This is a good time to consider calling in an expert.

A simple check of bolts and screws, a bit of cleaning, and a touch of lubrication a couple times a year is a small task to ensure optimized operation of your garage doors and openers and make the mechanical parts operate much more quietly and efficiently.

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