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Remember This: When Purchasing A New Garage Door

There are several posts on this site in regards to various things to consider when purchasing a new garage door. So to summarize it all, here’s a review:

1. Choose your “Style”

Is your home traditional-looking? You’ll want to match that with a plain, carriage, or cottage-style door. If you’re more provincial or French, go with a door with windows that accent that look. Take into consideration panels, and color as well as shape, pattern, and whether or not you want windows.

2. Choose your Materials

There are many types of garage doors, and what they can be made out of. If you’re sporting a more modern look, you may want to go for steel. For a more traditional look consider a wood door. Each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Think about weather, durability, maintenance, and style.

3. Choose the Door Type

Decide on whether you want a door that rolls up or tilts up.

4. Get a Warranty

For piece of mind, ask for warranty information for your new door and opener. Don’t hesitate to consider an extended warranty, you won’t regret it.

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