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Faux Painting and Gel Staining Your Garage Door!

Most garages are readily visible from the street. A garage door has great potential either to add or detract from a property’s beauty. Many garage doors share an architectural partnership with their houses. The garage door should harmonize with its house.

Garage doors express the structure’s function more than any other element. It should incorporate or compliment decorative features that will enhance the front elevation of the home. Then why settle for a Plain Jane, white on white, garage door every time you pull up to the house? Want the rich look and feel of a thick wooden door, but don’t have the spare $10,000-$12,000 it would cost for the real thing.

The idea is simple, take a boring, static garage door, and create something appealing and interesting that will make your garage, and home a statement of your own. Taking garage doors and either faux painting or using a gel staining process, can give them the dramatic effect of a rich, beautifully hued wood door.

The most common types of garage doors today, have a wood grain texture imprinted on them that runs across the entire door inviting the look of a real wood door. Faux painting or gel staining achieves a deep rich look and insures durability and protection against elements, not fading as regular painted garage doors do. Transform your steel garage door into a luxurious “wooden” door that will make the garage dominate the curb appeal of the home.

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So your garage door has stopped working!

Maybe it gets stuck mid-cycle. Maybe it makes an intolerable screeching noise as it shuts. Maybe it’s just ignoring you pushing the button, stubbornly remaining shut as you urge it over and over to please just open because you have stuff in there, thank you, and you need it.

So you contact a good garage door repair service: check to see if you can get yourself a free estimate or a bid from any one company. You can ask how long they think it’ll take, how much their quote is, and you can compare prices.  Then you go with the best deal, and they promise to send someone over Monday morning.

But wait. Did you check to make sure the company you’re working with is reputable? Do they provide a good service? Ask to access before and after pictures, if applicable, or ask how long they’ve been doing garage door repairs.

When the repair man actually shows up, have a sly little look at their truck. Do they look well-organized? Are they put together? Before you let that garage door repair person get to work on your hunk of junk, you’ll want to make sure that he or she is correctly insured. You need to be protected against any injuries that may occur during the job.

If you follow all of these steps, you’ll be much more likely

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