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A Garage Door’s Value: Well Worth the Cost

Garage DoorA quality garage door adds value to your home and increases security. There are many styles to choose from including traditional tilt up designs. For most homes door on the garage is selected to enhance the exterior home design and for most homes brings added curb appeal to the overall look of the property. An ill fitting or sloppy looking garage door is a turn off to potential buyers but can easily be fixed with proper repair, maintenance service or with a beautiful new model.

A garage useful for many purposes is a space that adds value to the property. Many people use the garage for storage space or even convert it into an extra room. It is large and can provide a smooth surface for games or sports practice. In summer weather the garage might be used as a summer patio area, offering protection from inclement weather.

If the heating and cooling system for the home is located in the garage area having an insulated and weatherproof garage will help keep utility costs down. A secure garage space gives the homeowner additional peace of mind along with monetary utility savings and is well worth the additional improvement costs.

Experts can install a door of various sizes in width and height. Single, double and one and a half size doors are made in standard widths from 8 to 20 feet. Most overhead doors are 7 to 8 feet tall but a custom unit can be made to fit openings with special sizes. Materials include wood, vinyl, steel, fiberglass or aluminum. Door sections may be flat, paneled, or have windows. Styles include simple lift up, sectional, barn door, sliders and swing-out doors.

A good reason to fix or replace damaged doors on your garage is the security factor, since most garages have direct access to the interior of a home and often the entrance to the home is unlocked or easy to force open. A well-designed door system operating properly adds security to the entire area including entry to the home. Units that fit snugly in the frame are not easy to jimmy open and heavy systems operate easily with remote control devices and mechanical lifting systems. Being energy efficient helps reduce energy consumption while adding comfort and protection from weather.

Proper installation is important for the alignment and fit of the door to the opening. Costs are determined by the type of garage door, materials and installation.

Remember, a good looking garage door will add to your home’s value in the long run.

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