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Fish House Made of Garage Doors

Most Creative Use of Discarded Garage Doors

Minnesota’s lakes are welcoming fish houses to their frozen surfaces. Fish house variety is what makes the structures so unique and appealing, no matter their dimensions. From single person shelters, the size of a large dog house, to mini Taj Mahal look-a-likes, each shanty has its own personality.

A most unique form was built by Terry Bartness, a former Park Rapids School Superintendent who passed away Nov. 4.

Using discarded insulated garage doors to build what would become known as his “fish house condominium.” It even has a birdhouse attached!

Kudos to Terry for Most Creative Use of Discarded Garage Doors, and for being so resourceful!

Source: Jason Durham, Park Rapids Enterprise

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Overhead Door completes Wayne-Dalton buy

Dallas-based Overhead Door Corp. has completed its purchase of the door and storm-panel operations of Wayne-Dalton Corp., based in southern Ohio. Here we go folks!

The deal creates the largest maker and distributor of residential and commercial overhead doors in North America, with a combined 3,800 employees, 24 manufacturing facilities, 79 regional distribution centers and 2008 revenue of about $1 billion. For now. We’ll see how long it lasts until they start laying off people and closing facilities due to overlap.

Overhead Door, said in a statement the acquisition would enhance the company’s position within the residential and commercial door market and help ensure long-term growth. It also will allow both groups to continue to focus on product innovations that will generate better and feature-rich products for the marketplace. Unlikely.

As part of the integration, the brand identities, product lines and distribution channels of both Overhead Door and Wayne-Dalton will be preserved. We’ll see if that happens. It’s been attempted before and never lasted. Turned out to be a fiasco.

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