Graffiti-Style Art and Garage Doors

An elite form of self-expression and cultural movement known as graffiti has often found garage doors to be the favorite choice of canvas.

The act of writing on walls has been occurring since the beginning of humans but it wasn’t until around 30 years ago that graffiti became a lifestyle, movement and culture. The purposes of graffiti is to be a visual language that is meant to be heard but not understood by everyone, and to be a form of self-expression that people can use to express any perspective common to them.

Now, most people don’t want some idiot spray painting his name on their garage door. On the other hand, if the “artist” does a mural then that’s perhaps a different story. I’ve seen a few murals that were done with spray can/urban art/graffiti style in the Mission District located in San Francisco, California which was pretty cool.

Here are a few samples.


Aztec Warrior

Early Calif

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