Unifying a Contemporary Home’s Many Additions

Homeowners recapture original California contemporary charm.

Patrick and Jennifer Devlin moved into their first and only home fifteen years ago right when they married. Their California Contemporary house is located in a Falls Church, Virginia neighborhood, considered to be “experimental” and “space age” upon its development by famed architects the Luria Brothers in 1950, due to the high ceilings and glass walls. In the past fifteen years, Jennifer and Patrick have gone through three separate renovations, entirely gutting the home each time to expand the 1300 square foot home to eventually 3300 square feet. Although they are proud of their hard work, they still felt the exterior was in great need of help. Jennifer and Patrick are gearing up for one more, and final, round of renovations on their home.

With their years of experience, along with the assist of HGTV’s program, Curb Appeal, this experimental home is sure to be a success. Part of that success comes in the form of installing a new garage door from 1st United Door Technologies.

The episode to be aired on May 3rd, features the installation by Parker Door Company of Waldorf, Maryland as the style of the Steelhouse garage door is discussed, and how the architectural design of the garage door compliments the renewed curb appeal of the home.

Devlin Home

Devlin Home


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