The ABC’s of Garage Door Openers

There are three different types of door openers:

  1. chain driven opener
  2. belt driven
  3. screw drive openers

Each of them fits a different purpose, and they are chosen depending on the door’s weight or size. A chain driven garage door opener is appropriate for heavy doors, like the wooden garage doors, which are massive, solid, and usually weigh quite a lot more that other doors made of composite materials or aluminum. So, wooden doors are a match here. Chain drives are driven by a powerful motor, which gives them resistance to bad weather conditions, but which makes them a bit noisy.

Screw drive openers come as the most common option for usual garage doors. They typically work buy having a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. These are quite powerful and come in variety of different horse power motors.

Last but not least, the belt driven model of garage door opener has the great quality of being extremely silent. If your garage is neighboring a bedroom, you may want to choose it for your door. The belts do have a tendency to wear out a little fast then the other types of models. Belt driven openers typically don’t have the power that the others have either.

These are the basics when choosing a garage door opener that will suit the needs of your garage.

… and now you know your ABC’s…

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