I need a garage door… so where do I start?

In search for a new garage door?

Have no idea where to start?

Consider this before your purchase.

The Material of the Door

Garage doors are usually made out of a variety of materials: wood, steel, fiber glass, aluminum, composite and vinyl (the best being an all steel door). Each material has different patterns or styles that can be applied to it. Make sure when choosing the material that you are aware of their perks and disadvantages.

The Style of the Door

The Carriage style: The carriage style is a sort of old meets new design. It is a fusion of the old style look from the late 80’s with the latest innovations on garage door construction.

The Modern Style: This style is for those who like to mix and match things, a testament to their contemporary style.

One-of-a- Kind or Custom Style: Choose your own. Be creative, be artistic, but most of all, be realistic. This style is for those who want to have that unique look to match their exceptional taste. It will allow you to create the best garage door to
your liking.

The Maintenance

Some garage doors require more maintenance as compared to others. Make sure that have this in mind when choosing your materials, style and design.

The best garage door does exist. It is just a matter of thinking of what works for you.

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