Garage Doors Bringing Return On Investment

What would be the most inexpensive project for a new home owner to raise the value, bringing the largest Return On Investment?


Maybe your house lacks character. Or, perhaps its past charm was stripped away by a misguided renovation. Take heart — it’s possible to add or restore “curb appeal” to practically any house —”curb appeal” — the impression a house gives when you first approach it. It also helps determine value and makes a house feel like home. It’s all about identifying the spectacular and dramatic architectural details that enhance and warm the home.


The garage door.



Garage doors often take up 30 percent to 40 percent of the front elevation of a home, you can’t discount the characteristics that a garage door has on a home and its curb appeal.


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2 responses to “Garage Doors Bringing Return On Investment

  1. We have been thinking about adding some curb appeal to our home. Unfortunately replacing the garage door, even though we need it, is not one of those do it yourself projects. I didn’t realize there were so many options when it came to residential garage doors. So what is most important, the look, the security, or the quality of the door that is most important?

    • You really have to think in terms of all three, the look, the security, and the quality of the door, are the most important aspects in the purchase of a new garage door. All of these will provide you with a positive turn on your investment.

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