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No Electricity. No Functioning Garage Door.

Ever worry about the electricity cutting out and not having a way to open your garage door? No worries here. Just bust thru.

Garage Door Break Out!

Garage Door Break Out!

Kidding! There’s a couple of easy solutions!

1.  The first option is to purchase an opener that provides an “emergency release latch”.  The latch allows you to manually open the garage door by hand.  Thankfully, all automatic openers provide an emergency release mechanism.


Lifting up a garage door is a trivial action for the majority of us; nonetheless, utilizing the emergency release latch can turn out to be a daunting task for the elderly or the young.  There is an alternative…


2. A battery-operated power backup is a proven and effective solution.  Essentially, the battery backup kicks in automatically when the electricity kicks out. Due to the fact that it is battery operated, it has a limited amount of use before recharging is required – an important note for those prolonged power outages.

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