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More on Garage Door Security

It’s amazing how many people install sophisticated home security systems without giving much thought to garage doors and their security. Even if you have a detached garage, it’s important to consider this part of your home. So what can you do to make sure your garage security is ironclad? Pay special attention to the doors!


If you have a garage door opener unit that is from earlier than the 1990s, consider upgrading it to a modern unit.

Older garage door openers relied on a unique I.D. number, programmed into each remote and the receiver sold with it. If the remote sends the right I.D. to the receiver, the receiver opens the garage door. Introduced in the early 1990’s, rolling code technology ensured that a garage door opener never transmits the same sequence twice. As implemented in the Liftmaster®line of garage door openers, the remote and the receiver keep internal counters that begin in synch, and are incremented by a constant value each time the door is opened. When the user presses the button on the remote, the remote transmits the current value of the counter, along with the static I.D. number. The receiver will only open the garage door if both numbers are correct.


LiftMaster®offers a wide variety of residential garage door openers and accessories, including a keyless entry system designed to recognize your unique fingerprint, making it ideal for families with children, or senior citizens.

Another tip?


Consider placing a padlock through the garage door track just above one of the rollers. This will keep out those techy burglars who can tinker with automatic door opener devices to trick residential units into opening.

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