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How secure is your home’s garage door?

There was a news segment that appeared last night on ABC-15 in Phoenix, Arizona, that is worth mentioning.

This past October, a Scottsdale man woke up early one morning to find three strangers in his bedroom only to be assulted. The men broke into his home through the garage. He had installed a new garage door and hadn’t reset the manufacturer’s code on the garage door opener.

Click for the video:

As the largest movable object in any home, the garage door is often overlooked in terms of safety and security. Here are a few other items that should be pointed out when speaking of garage door security.   

·         When you are on vacation or your home is unoccupied for an extended period of time, disconnected the overhead track-operated garage door from inside the garage. This will prevent the door from being opened with an electronic remote control device.

·         Do not leave the remote in your car, should a thief break in to your car and steal the remote he has a way into your home. Consider purchasing a key-chain remote you should be able to find one compatible with your system.

·         Your garage door is only as secure as its weakest link. It is of little benefit in having the best of locks if the door itself is flimsy. Likewise a strong and sturdy garage door will not give you the best security if it is fitted in a weak frame.

As Arizona’s only garage door manufacturer, First United Door Technologies recognizes that the security and safety of garage doors is paramount and provide education and materials with every door manufactured to our nationwide network of licensed installing dealers.

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