Homeowner’s Largest Return on Investment

What would be the most inexpensive project for a home owner to raise the value, bringing the largest Return On Investment? Homeowners can bank on “Curb Appeal” to increase values.


Maybe the home lacks character. Or, perhaps its past personality was stripped away by an ill-advised renovation. It’s possible to add or restore “curb appeal” to practically any home. “Curb appeal” is the impression a home projects when you first come up to it. It also helps increase the valuation of the home. It’s all about identifying the spectacular and dramatic architectural details that enhance the home.


On average, the square footage of the garage door is one-third of the elevation of the home. You can’t discount the characteristics of a garage door’s large horizontal mass. No curb appeal product can more effectively enhance the diversity and value of a home, especially in a time when capturing every single asset to build a homes value is paramount.


Since garage doors are often a home’s most prominent feature, adding a distinctive carriage house style garage door can add a unique embellishment, which equates to greater home value. These types of garage doors are attractive and durable. Plus, they can be customized with various window designs, arched top sections, and decorative hardware to fit each home’s qualities.

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