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Bigger, Bolder Garage Doors

Unlike the drab and purely functional spaces of yesteryear, today’s garages are becoming as elaborate and versatile as any finished living area in the home. Along with the tendency toward greater square footage, garages represent more things to more people: a recreation room, a fitness center, a home theater, and a convenient place to park the car or motor home.

Now that the once-humble garage has become an expression of the homeowner’s personality and style of the house, it’s time to give it the face it deserves: a stylish, beautiful door. Not only will it provide all-essential curb appeal, a better door can generally pay for itself by increasing a builder’s profit margin and, in the case of spec homes, attracting more buyer attention.
The most striking innovation in this arena is the steel carriage-style door. All-steel carriage doors are taking hold of the public imagination.


Unique styling options are available to make even the most ordinary steel garage door an attractive, well-integrated element of a home’s exterior. The range of possibilities in styles now provides homeowners with more flexibility than ever before in coordinating exteriors by architectural design. One thing is certain. The garage door will never again be the boring, blank canvas it once was.

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